Saturday, August 30, 2008

A picture speaks a thousand word...these ones speak right to my heart!

To our good friend Liz, I quote -"and to one it is given one talent and to another many". So, that's not the exact quote but, Liz is on the "many" side. She was already an amazing semestress, quiter, artist, mother, and now a beautiful photographer as well. This leaves the rest of us feeling humbled, and inspired, but with a lot fabulous gifts (ie. our family photos and my sling that I cannot live without). We just love you Liz! Thanks for taking these wonderful photos that capture so much love and joy in our family.

I love those dirty toes, the whole lot of them! What a fabulous shot!

"That's soooo... Romantic!" (All rights reserved)

*For more pictures go: Here.
*If anyone has questions or comments for Elizabeth click: Here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sewing till 2am!

What can I say, this Mama likes to party, especially if it involves my trusty little machine, some cute fabric, treats and good friends.

It was 2am when the police broke it up, so really it was a call from Jess, but I was just as worried. He said he was a little confused when he woke to the cries of a hungry baby, and there no wife to be found. Who knew sewing could make for such a late night! Here's the little booties I made for new baby Piper Williams who was born a couple of days ago.

Great tutorial for these Here.

Teaching Ky to Quilt

I just love sewing, it is quickly becoming a passion. Right up there with chocolate and snuggles from my babies. So far I've only ventured out to sew things for the house, a few girly dresses, a sad looking purse and some quilts.

Out of all the things I've sewn, quilts are my favorite. They can be such a thoughtful gift and it's fun if others help. One of my sweetest memories is of being newly married and visiting Jess' family in Raymond. We got snowed in together and spent the day tying a quilt, singing along to the Beatles, and made homemade pizza. In retrospect it almost seems average, but to me it was magical.

A few weeks ago I started quilting with a good friend in the evenings and it's been so much fun, that I decided to try it with Ky. She's simply delighted to have the one on one time and quilt "like Mommy". I set a big pile of pink and purple scraps in front of her and asked her to just start cutting shapes. It was super fun and she did a good job. I'm not sure how to teach her to sew the pieces together (if anyone has any ideas). I figure the real goal here is FUN, rather than a completed quilt. (Here she is with her pile of pink material and her favorite little Fin.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sewing: a Family Affair.

Here it is. My finished nursing cover complete with a big fat button proclaiming my allegiance to the 'Pretty not Practical' regime. I made a cover for a good friend of mine, and loved it, so I made a another for me. (tutorial here)

Above are some pictures of my helpers. Sewing has been a family affair the last two weeks. Jess helps piece a quilt, Bridgey turns my machine off and on after every few stitches (it's not nearly so helpful as cute) and here's Fin and I sewing together due to my desperate attempts to finish my beloved apron.

Cape is to Batman, what apron is to Housewife?

My cheery Cleaning Apron. A statement of beautiful femininity. I have worn it just about everyday since I made it. I've cut the lawn, cleaned the house, conversed with the neighbors and sewn a few projects in it. It's like a superhero's leotard, it makes me feel powerful or at at least cute while I clean. (For those who've asked I tried to pattern this after a picture I saw online of the Emmeline Apron. It was fairly easy to make, straight skirt, gathered top, Wa-La!)

The prayers of a Princess

Goodnight prayers: "And, please bless that I can have a True Love Kiss on my wedding day."

Another prayer a few weeks ago went something like, "Please bless Princess Monson." (It's the thought that counts.)

In the car tonight:
Dad: "What's Fin saying?"
Ky: "She's just saying (high pitched singsong voice) Kyanne's a beautiful princess..."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Puffy Sleeved Princesses take a Magical Hiatus...

Just have to add another amusing conversation. Today the little boy from two houses over reluctantly asked Ky what she wanted to play in a polite attempt to be neighborly. Like any princess in waiting Ky replied:

"I want to play Get Married,
it's the only game I like." The poor kid, turned around and headed back the way he'd come.

I hold Disney responsible and possibly my extra hour of sleep in the morning f0r Ky's preoccupation with princesses. At first I thought the princess craze was 'cute'. I naturally assumed the day would come when she'd realized there is more to life than "true love kisses", puff sleeves, and ballroom dancing. But instead, 'craze' is turning into 'crazy'. We discuss and often argue over modesty several exasperating times a day, we argue over wearing princess dresses every waking and non-waking moment, when I ask her to do something (wash her hands, chew slowly) she asks "Does princesses do this?", she even calls her dad Prince Robert, and today I was "the Queen, just the Ugly Queen, though." I've been demoted to Ugly Queen. Enough's, enough! (fabulous motherly one liner).

The time has come for the puffy sleeved princesses to take a magical hiatus. Harsh, I know. I'll miss them. I am a huge supporter of romance, "true love kisses" and big swishy dresses.

But Ky, I want you to know: This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. -Another Mom one liner, but really a stupid one. It's like telling your boyfriend "we can still be friends" after you break his heart. I think my mom is actually guilty of using this ridiculous mom line prior to spanking my bare bum when I was 8. (For anyone who's wondering, I took a small box out of a random mailbox and opened it. To my pleasant surprise they turned out to be blank checkbooks with really cute panda bears. What else was there to do but, slowly rip each one off and watch as each blank check gaily floated away in the wind.)

"What the CRAP!" -Little Kyanne

Okay the title says it all. Our very own parrot.

Don't worry Aunt Meggie promptly washed her own mouth out with soap, and then Jess and I followed suit.

I guess this only leaves us with one choice when a vocal exclamation is needed: Pseudo swearing. Some of my favs being:
"Oh, snap", "fetchedy fetch", and "Oh, my heck!"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Holidays!!

We have been living true to the our Motto "Larsen's Like to Have Fun"!

This summer has been nothing short of Fun! It's been one long holiday with trips to the mountains, sleepovers at the cabin, Pizza Parties, visits to the grandparents, the Canada Day parade, Jess' 10 yr reunion, Beauty and the Beast Musical, dirt biking, boating, horsebacking, hiking, birthday parties, Ky's ballet class with Mrs. Meg, kiddie crafts, and lots of sewing! It's been 2 months of holidays! Hooray for Summer!

Patiently Painting the Golden Gate Bridge

Tonight I decided to lounge on the couch instead of finish tidying up the house. I picked up Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, a fabulous book worth way more than the .50 cents I paid for it at a garage sale this morning.
(Tangent: Garage Sale-ing /(verb)/: the 2nd most beloved season of the year.
  • 20 Bucks -(compliments of my sweetheart)
  • Timmy Bits
  • the kiddies
  • a clean van to load up new treasures
  • and my best GS buddy Keshia
No better way to spend a Saturday morning in the Spring).
Okay back to the book. It has a great chapter on comparing tending house to the continuous painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. By the time the painters reach the end it's time to start again at the beginning. I suppose their goal is not project completion but, instead to have a beautiful, well maintained bridge all year long.

Tonight I realized my domestic goals are unrealistic and the root of my frustration and charming outbursts. From time to time (as in just about every night), poor Jess (and Meg on occassion), have to listen to me have some sort of melt down about the messy pantry, untamed grass, or the laundry Blob that haunts me by day and by night.

While the truth is, at this time in our lives, Jess works more than usual I have 3 little darlings to run after, a vivacious quilting addiction to feed, not to mention my demanding Saturday mornings garage sale hopping! There's just not enough time to expect to keep house "just like mother did", so I've decided to be happy with Livable chaos instead. -"And, that's how we roll..."

Here's to more realistic expectations,
a guilt free messy house, and becoming happier in my role as Domestic Goddess.