Friday, June 20, 2008

Unplug your Kids

As I was looking for fun things to do at home with the kids, I came across this fun blog: Unplug Your Kids
It such a fun idea to give us mom's some motivation to get crafty with the kiddos this summer. She posts an Unplugged Project idea each Monday and asks everyone to post pics of their versions of the project they did with their kids on their blog, and link it to the Unplugged blog. Here's the link: Unplug Your Kids

This weeks unplugged idea is "Old".

I Spy with my little eye. . . (Fun Finds #1)

Homeade Chunky crayons. Bake your old broken crayons in muffin tins. 275 degrees for 7-8 min. Let them cool in the freezer and pop them out.

I Spy Quilts:
How fantastic. Entertainment and snuggles all in one! Just click on the pics below to enlarge. They're amazing! (This for you Liz, although you've probably already made one for each of your kids, and sisters kids. ;)

Ice Treasure Hunting

You can put those misc. toys to use, along with loose change to go buy a treat after with the hidden treasure that was found.
Freeze ice blocks in layers to freeze hidden treasures through out.

This one has 3 layers.

Use a variety of treasure-excavating tools: salt, spray bottles with water (colored water too), droppers + warm water, and toothbrushes. The mom who did this said her girls easily worked away at it for 45 minutes, till every last treasure was collected.

You can also freeze individual treasures in ice cubes for quicker treasure-hunting adventures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Mom! He's trying to Kill me!!"

Now imagine that in a voice high enough to shatter nearby glass and you'll know just how panicked Ky was today when Bridgey tried to attack her with his. . . Teeth!

Dun...dun....dun! A Bitter.
This weekend I was officially initiated into the "Mommy of a Bitter Club". -Exclusive to desperate and shamed mothers of Nibbling Savages.

My sad apologies to little Porter Trim's now decrepit arm, and Kyanne and Olivia Larsen's missing fingers.
Any Advice???

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here's lookin' at you kid...

I had Tanya Woodruff's 2 little guys over to play for the day, and I realized as I tended all 5 kids, that it's really not much harder than having 3. It makes me think the random Walmart stranger I spoke with a few weeks ago was right when he said, "I have 6 kids and it never gets worse than 3." Seems about right. It took me a couple months to adjust to the changes we've had to make to enjoy our life as a bigger family, but I can say I enjoy life now more than I ever have before. So, here's to #4!! (Well, someday).

Murder at the Mason Mansion...

Dr. Pod-potty, Pod-locky, Podlonsky? The poor chap's dead, and the reading of his will was fabulous. It started out with light appetizers, a formal dinner, and then entertainment and dessert in the study. Detective Sniffer was fantastic at interrogating the other 9 guests deterring suspicions of his own whereabouts.

The entertainment following dinner was nothing short of entertaining. It's hard to pick a favorite amidst Scarlett's cat tricks, Mrs. Podlonsky's rendition of "Mr. Lonely", Gene Simmons gutairr solo, Chaquito and Taquito's Mexican wrestling, the Bollywood actress' (from Bride and Prejudice) palm reading, a scientific explosion and suburban cat roping from an authentic cowboy.

Here's some photos from that smashing night of inquiry and intrigue.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Larsen's Like to Have Fun!"

One of the things I love best about being a mom, is that I can throw a party any time I want. We have all sorts of parties.

"It's Friday" parties, "Dad's home from work early" parties, Dance parties, "It's been a rotten day" parties, "Sat. morning Do-no (donut)" parties. Really, any reason is a good reason. Just trying to live up to our family moto:

"Larsen's like to have Fun!"

This picture is from one of our recent "It's been a lousy day" Parties. We all cuddled up, ate
our weight in buttery popcorn and watched 'Ever After'. Having my own family is like having little friends around all the time. I love it!

Should I be worried?

This morning when I asked Bridge what color shirt he wanted, "green or red", he said, "pink" pointing to his sister's on the other side of the rack. This wouldn't be so worrisome if he hadn't already thrown a tantrum earlier in the morning to put on my "gauk-up" (make-up) and tried to wear a bow in his hair later this afternoon. Yesterday was the third time he proudly came out in my mascara, and poor Ky has to fight him to wear her purple princess gloves daily.

I know it's "healthy" for boys to play with dolls, and practice nurturing, and I'm really proud that he's learning his colors, but does pink have to be his favorite?

Poor guy he's surrounded by 2 of the most girlish girls to walk the plant, and here I am making fun him. He's such a cutie!!