Thursday, May 31, 2007


"Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most." -Hope Floats

The Toddler. How can I love this age and dread it at the same time. Some days I think this is the fun-est and funniest age so far, and other days I count how many weeks until she turns four. I don't know if four is without floppy banana tantrums, or hysterics at bedtime, but the hope gets me through some days.

There's probably not a week that goes by that I'm not stopped by some nastolgic parent
feeling the need to warn me, "Enjoy them, they grow up so quickly." This makes me think it
must be a struggle for every parent to appreciate every moment, and yet this doesn't quiet
the ache I feel for the moments I have missed. It makes me sad to think of how many times
Ky has turned my head towards her and said, "Talk to me, mom." She only says this when I've
ignored her initial attempts of engaging my attention.

I guess it's just about trying harder to put down the wash rag, let that email reply wait and
enjoy the magic of these sweet little spirits.

Toddler & Trouble...two birds of a feather.

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There was a small moment this week when the words, Kyanne and difficult entered my troubled mind. And then the minute passed, my muddled head cleared, and I realized it is really, toddler and trouble that go hand in hand.

I commit this to paper, knowing there will come another mischievous toddler and another stress filled day when I will want to rip my hair out strand by strand to distract me from the my current responsibility as the house zoo keeper. Instead I will remember this day, when my brain and my heart spoke in unison and said, "awe-ha, toddlers are trouble, what did you expect?"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bridgey 2 weeks old

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This has to be one of my favorite layouts. I love every little part of this sweet baby. He was such a darling baby. Just sweet and charming everyday.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ticky Ticky Tim....

We went up to Waterton for the long May weekend with the fam. It was a blast. We returned Monday night. And, Wensday I found a going home present on my head....a very plump little tick.
Awh....I'd never seen a real one before yesterday, it was just mossing around my head. I felt so violated I couldn't stop shivering all day, I named him Tim in hopes of being less grossed out. I checked the Jess, and the kids head to toe, and didn't find any of Tim's friends. Seems to have been a loner.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's an Epidemic!

Prego, prego, round it goes....
where it stops nobody knows!

So were guessing that I'm about 11 weeks along, Jason's wife Quincy is about 9ish, my favorite little Shannon is due the day before me and Keshia is now prego too! This is fantastic. It's catching like last winter's flu, sadly it feels like last winter's flu too. Awh, well, the little bun in the oven's worth it.

Last time Quincy and I were pregnant together we were also two weeks apart. She went one week early and I went one week late putting us in labor on the same day. Little Hayden was born a few hours before Kyanne. It is kind of comforting knowing someone else is going through the insanity too. Everyone should have a "Labor Buddy".

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chasing a "FAIR"y Tale.

There seems to be a popular school of thought among parents, to treat your children the same, and "be fair". This is far from my natural inclinations as a parent, and I foolishly spent time worrying about it. Only to realize, my children are different. Which stands to reason, I should show love and parent them differently as well.

Someone mentioned I should be careful not to favor them. But, I naturally do. I can't help but favor both my little sweethearts. How I could possibly be 'equal', in how I love these perfect little creatures! Bridgey, so mild and docile. Kyanne, so explosive and full of color. Both hold my heart in the palm of their bitty hands, but my parenting towards them is as individual as their little Spirits.

It's amazes me that these precious babes come pre-wrapped in their own particular personalities. Ky has been busy, bossy, radiant and thrilled about life, from day one. By contrast, Bridgey, was calm, docile, sweet and contented to go with the flow. Both bringing cherished and vibrant colors to our family portrait. What will this next little baby be like?

Kyanne Potty training "Olivia"

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This month it feels like Kyanne gets funnier and more fun every day! She's in fast forward learning mode and it's thrilling, and sort of exhausting too. Bridgey is just Bridgey, chugging along at his reliable even keel pace. Never too sad, never too excited. Content to go with flow. The two of them couldn't be better friends. There's no question who's the light of Bridgey's life, and Ky returns the love in armfuls. It's so heart warming to watch.

With Open Arms

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So, much color isn't usually my style, but I love this layout never the less. That baby's so cute!

Simple Reflections

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Here again, I tried to use an embelishment. Bad news bears. They're just not me, and I always regret it.

Kyanne: summed up, in four lines.

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This is what happens when you go againest your natural scrap personality... a layout like this. Embelishments just aren't me, nor placing photos cock-eyed. One day I'll go back and re-do this lo. For now I still had to post for the poem.


Kayla Sue

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And, to think I changed her diapers at one time.

Bridge and Mommy

Bridge and Mommy
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This picture says more than I ever could in words.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3 Months of Camping...

Things are settling here in Calgary, we move into our new home in 2 weeks, we know the names of more than the bishop and welcoming committee in the ward, and I am slowly with less and less tantrums, learning my way around the city. I still have yet to establish a routine around this less than organized circus troupe, we call a family. So, I have a high hopes of doing better once were settled in the new house and no longer feel like were permanently camping. All in all it's been so great to be a together again as a family, so no complaints from the peanut factory.

Sleeping Babies and other Magical Moments in Motherhood.

What time of day, could there be more prayers of joy sent heavenward, by grateful mothers, than this? Quiet, serene, melt my heart adorable! What is it about sleeping babies? Kyanne can make me so crazy I become the "Mommy Monster", but the moment those little pink eyelids close, my heart is as ice cream on summer day. There are days I am brought to tears. Joy, relief, love? Who knows. It suffices to say, it is a magical moment in every mothers day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good cop, Bad cop.

has begun saying "Ma-ma" -which I understand to be his official declaration of his undying love for me. This would make Jess and I, 1:1. Were going into overtime, the 'tie breaker' is on the way.

Okay, truth be told, I know Jess is 'the favorite', he's just more fun, and exciting, and on top of that he's cute. He's like a shiny new toy, and I'm the green broccoli we had for dinner last night.And, so it begins...'Good Cop, Bad Cop'.

"Why do I always have to be the grown-up?"
"Because when we were picking sides, you picked grown-up first. It's the way you really want it." -One Fine Day