Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lesson Learned: Crying = Getting Your Way

  • Ky: Is it important to cry?
  • Mom: Yes sometimes it's good or 'important' to cry.
  • Ky: Yeah, it is important to cry sometimes, when you want things that are not yours.

And, there you have it. It's important to cry when you "want things" especially "things that are not yours". All those times I stuck up for her thinking she really didn't understand and had hurt feelings, I was being snowed.

At least she's a
clever little thing.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is that Chocolate or Poop??

It was about two days ago when I ran up the stairs just in time to see Bridgey slam the bedroom door shut on Fin's tiny head. As I grabbed the baby to console her and her wounded noggin, I caught glimpse of the brown deposits along the carpet.

The scene from Baby Mama flashed across my brain, "Is that chocolate or poop?"

Sadly it turned out to be the latter. Poop that had been happily strean about and then smeared into the carpet when the door was hastily pushed across it. When I walked in Bridgey smiled proudly and said, "Look mom, I cleaning up." And, there I saw a pile of Fin's clothes being used to smashed more poo into the already sad looking carpet. I couldn't help but find some humor in Bridgey's proud smile, so after I snapped some pictures I took to antibacterlizing the carpet and scrubbing.

After all was said and I done, I let the kids know I was a break, and retreated to the bathroom, where I slid across the floor in a yellow puddle. Bridgey strikes again!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Inauguration

I've been wanting to post about Obama's inauguration for my own historical record but then I read this post on Cocoa's blog (Now See Here), and thought I'd just re-post hers since she did such a good job.

"I'm not about to say much else since let's be real, there's nothing that hasn't already been said. And who wants to read more about this anyway. So rather than wax poetic using my own poignant yet insightful words, I'll share some other people's who just happen to run countries..."

First, the usual flowery-ness...

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
"The whole world is watching the inauguration of President Obama, witnessing a new chapter in both American history and the world's history. He's not only the first black American president but he sets out with the determination to solve the world's problems."

No Pressure dude.

President Nicolas Sarkozy
"We are eager for him to get to work so that with him we can change the world."

'So that we can change the world'...
Ah, France.

No further comments.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
"Obama gives us hope and his words put us on a better path for a smooth and fruitful relationship with the Spanish government. The arrival of Obama gives us an opportunity we won't pass up."

Anyone who seriously uses "fruitful" in a sentence is a friend of mine.

And now for my favourites...

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki
"We prefer to wait and see what the practical policies of the American government will be."

And now, how do you really feel?

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
"We are ready for this. Our president confirmed this in a telephone conversation with Barack Obama straight after he was elected. I think there will be additional telephone - and not only telephone - contacts between our leaders."

Russia is ready. There will be additional contact. He thinks. And not just on the phone...

President Hugo Chavez "Hopefully the arrival of a new president will mark a real change in relations between the United States and the countries of the Third World, one of respect for sovereignty and the freedom of the people. But nobody here should be under any illusions. This is the North American Empire we are talking about."

Ahaha. Fair enough Hugo. FAIR. ENOUGH.

Side note - Canada's response is conspicuously missing since Stephen Harper was too busy tryin' to keep his job. Canadian politics were "exciting" like that for the first time ever so get back to him next week. Also, word on the street is Obama's first international trip is to Canada so somebody call up England and let them know that we're still America's best friend after all. We'll stop crying ourselves to sleep on our huge pillow.

Also, where can I get one of these?

Friday, January 16, 2009

The brave may not live forever...

". . .but the cautious do not live at all. " -Meg Cabot
Today, my three little ones and I decided to brave the mall. There were hopes of a new iphone for mom, some not so delicious food court treats, and possibly a few laps around the Disney store. First stop: Customer service for a stroller disguised as a tandem fire truck. Bridge in the back, Ky crammed in the front (Fin on her lap). The doubles aren't nearly as cool as the single strollers with their blinged out dvd players, but the kids made due with games like, "Scream until your mom turns purple", "I'm a pest, your a pest", and "I spy".

We had about an hour or so to kill before I could sign up for a cell phone plan, so we did things like make 3 separate trips to the Disney store, a pit stop in Casa Blanca (which I think is a cute store despite the Meggie Fashion Critic in my head) and Duh du na naaaaa! The moment you've all been waiting for.... a BRAVE trip to get Ky's ears pierced.

It was so fun! We browsed the different earrings, picked some she loved (purple of course) and then grinning from ear to ear we asked the lady at the register to pierce Ky's ears. She didn't even smile back. Maybe she was having a bad day, or maybe she was a grouch who hated adorable, smiley little girls, but either way I needed her to be excited about this big moment. So, I ever so kindly said "she's so excited you should smile at her." And, oddly enough this woman wasn't offended in the least from that moment on she smiled and chatted it up with "Princess Kyanne". She was really great (except when she encouraged the dad behind me to take his little girl outside so she wouldn't see how painful it is). Luckily Ky wasn't paying attention. Anyhow, short story shorter, Ky didn't even wince, let alone cry. I was amazed! She hardly wait to come right home and tell her dad and Livi. I'm still amazed at how brave little Kyanne was today. Maybe it's from all the times I've repeated "Beauty hurts" while tugging at her hair.

Friday, January 9, 2009

He said... She said...

K: Where's my bracelet?
M: I don't know
K: I'll go ask dad, he knows everything.

K: You just talk about me getting older everyday. And, it's going to take a few more days, M-om.

K: Bridgey, do you want to come help me pick out my outfit?
B: No.
K: Come on Bridge, I don't like to pick out my outfits alone.

K: I don't want to turn 5 and go to Kindergarten.... I just want to stay home and be a mom.

M: Oh, Bummer!
B: I not Bummer! I Bridgey-Bear!
B: I not a Deer. I Bridgey-Bear!
B: I not Sweetheart. I Bridgey-Bear! (you get the idea)
B: I Bridgey-Bear. And, you Bridgey-Mom.

M: Is Mommy a boy or a girl?
B: You a Boy, MOm!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Hatters Life for Me!

So Christmas Holidays were a riot. Like always I complained, had my own emotional break down with comments such as "What was I thinking!" and "We're never traveling with small children again!" Lucky for me Jess, who loves to travel, bribed me with the most fabulous kid-free shopping spree in Salt Lake. So... my love can bought...what?

Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Forever Young -my heart (and wallet) belongs to you. Anthropology -my heart belongs to you when I become a bit richer. Urban outfitters had the most fabulous hats!! They were beauties to be reverenced and possibly replicated at a future time (stay tuned).

After heavy contemplation and much sighing I settled on the beautiful feather hair bow, a grey pair of moccasins, 3 really fun dress gloves, and a fabulous frog green, old man cardie. I also couldn't resist making a few fabric runs. $8 dollars a yard compared to the highway robbery ($17.00 a meter) here in the Great White North. It was Heaven.

Aside from the good shopping, we got to play with some good friends, snow mobile and Ky got some good one on one time with Nana and Poppy while we were down South.

More Styles I just LOVE (most by Etsy designers).