Monday, January 5, 2009

A Hatters Life for Me!

So Christmas Holidays were a riot. Like always I complained, had my own emotional break down with comments such as "What was I thinking!" and "We're never traveling with small children again!" Lucky for me Jess, who loves to travel, bribed me with the most fabulous kid-free shopping spree in Salt Lake. So... my love can bought...what?

Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Forever Young -my heart (and wallet) belongs to you. Anthropology -my heart belongs to you when I become a bit richer. Urban outfitters had the most fabulous hats!! They were beauties to be reverenced and possibly replicated at a future time (stay tuned).

After heavy contemplation and much sighing I settled on the beautiful feather hair bow, a grey pair of moccasins, 3 really fun dress gloves, and a fabulous frog green, old man cardie. I also couldn't resist making a few fabric runs. $8 dollars a yard compared to the highway robbery ($17.00 a meter) here in the Great White North. It was Heaven.

Aside from the good shopping, we got to play with some good friends, snow mobile and Ky got some good one on one time with Nana and Poppy while we were down South.

More Styles I just LOVE (most by Etsy designers).


whitney said...

I so want my little sis to have one of those retro veils when she gets married - not engaged. Just whenever that is. She is so into the retro and can pull it off beautifully.
I love love love the hats at urban outfitters! But sadly I am told that I need to be in save mode for the house. But I do need to visit family in Utah, so a little shopping wouldn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

I am so scared to travel with kids, the thought of it makes me cringe, i have so many friends that do it and like that i wish i could become!! GOOD for you, and kudos to your hubby- you got a good one!! Glad to hear it turned out fun!!

Ryan and Jen said...

oops that was from me!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I tried on a few of those hats wehn i was downs outh last. Could I just be tranported back to wheneveryone wore hats like that! I fell in love too!

Can't wait to see your knock offs!

The Young Ones said...

Luckily, we have amazing little travelers! One guy on a trip said "Are they always this good?" I said "Yah, pretty much". He said "You should write a book!" I think the key is packing way TOO much to do, eat, and play with. They often forget how long they have been sitting! And make plently of pit stops of course! Sounds like you had fun! -Tonya

The Young Ones said...

Specifics include: portable dvd player (of course), magnadoodle, books, lapdesk with crayons and paper, playdough, kids books on cd (from library), sweet snacks, salty snacks, lots of drinks. I actually make a trip to the dollar bin and get a bunch of new small items and keep them hidden until things start to get hairy. Then I pull out the stops.Pretty tricky huh? Good luck on your next trip! :-) -Tonya

thebriggsfamily said...

Shame on you for not calling me. And I even live in Salt Lake!:)