Until I read this I thought the goal was to prioritize my time better so I could fit more in. Answer or read the many emails, tweets, fb and phone msgs, texts, etc. But, the truth is, in doing it ALL I find myself sacrificing the things I want most in my life: PEACE, and Deep Relationships. 
As silly as it sounds, I think I was needing permission to say, "No." to the hurling mass of information that invades my life each day via, internet and phone. The constant stream and "dings" that interrupt the routines of family life and thereby the relationships and peace that I make my day fulfilling. I know this article is framed around the working world but I found it just as pertinent to my life at home. 

If you only have a bit of time at least read about the IGNORE LIST. It's a phenomenal idea! What else can I choose to let go of in my life, that isn't inline with my goals? Very insightful article.