Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sister Hinckley inspires me.

I love this book of Sister Hinckley's life. She is such a great example of optimism, and being joyful. I love to curl up in my bed, with soft light of my bedside lamp and open this book to read before sleep.

My all time favorite stories in this book are  about how much she loves her children. She cried every Sept. when it was time for them to return to school, and once when her son got put in detention after school, sister Hinckley marched right down to the school and informed the teacher that "between 9 and 3p, he is yours but after that he is mine." And, she promptly took her son home.  

Here's some things I found inspiring last night:


"I have a n ew project, one chapter a day from each of the standard works. I have been on it for four days and am only three days behind. Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried." (This gives me hope for my feeble attempts!)

When Pres. Hinckley proposed he regretfully let her know he only had a $150.00 to his name and sister Hinckley thought: "I had hoped for a husband and now I get a $150 too!"

"Doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and with a cheerful heart." -Sister Hinckley speaking of her great grandmother's character.

"Do whatever you have to do this week, do it with your whole heart and soul, and do it cheerfully. To do less than this will leave you with an empty feeling." -A letter Sister Hinckley wrote to her granddaughter.


Carrie said...

Thank you, Steph! I needed these sweet little reminders today. I've been having some blah days lately. I love Sister Hinckley's book too, but haven't read it in a few years - I'm going to read it again!

whitney said...

I haven't read this, but I years ago I did read pres. Hinkley's biography. I would highly recommend it!

MARTHA said...

I have the Sister Hinckley book too. Reading your post makes me want to break it out again.

And a scripture study note for a busy mom: If I get the Book of Mormon in daily, I'm good. Everything else is a plus.