Friday, August 28, 2009

People getting punched before eating!

Okay people. Out of the 61 people who viewed my blog today, how did no one think this short was funny? I just watched it again for the the fun of it and guess what... it was even funnier! I am so going to be that parent who help their 13 year old kid make a remake of it.

I don't know if most of you have seen the SNL skit "People getting punched before eating" but it's pretty funny, and then I found this done by a couple of kids, it cracks me up! Here's the origional first, it's really stupid, but worth a laugh and I love the kid version.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wakesurfing. A picture's worth a 1,000 words and here's 4.

A friend just emailed me these photos from her camera. I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to water. I was so nervous when it was my turn to jump in the lake I could hardly breathe, Nerdy... I know. So, it was really cute when Jess jumped in after me and asked Kent to drag us around together, before I actually attempted going on my own.

Here I am, not looking nervous at all....

A Classy Wipeout

And, last but not least, a charming picture of me, really sticking out that bum! Not the most flattering picture, but amusing enough to make the cut. And, then there's my sweet Jess sitting on the back smiling at me all big, like I just took my first steps! He was so cute that day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's in a year?

Happy Happy Birthday...
to the 'Big Kids' as they've come to be known. And, they have really become big kids this year. Things that have changed, as Bridgey went from 2 years old to 3 and Ky went from 4 to 5:

Kyanne: You learned how to do loads of stuff. You can now write your letters, draw adorable pictures of people and make nests with baby eggs out of play dough. You can clean your room, put your clothes away, make your bed, get dressed and say your prayers all by yourself. Your really interested in Heavenly Father and love to tell him all about the things you love.

Your favorite game right now is "Barn", where you pretend to be a horse tied up in a Barn on fire. Bridgey is usually the fireman who rescues you. Your also fascinated with Unicorns and baby ponies. You love to draw and color and can spend hours doing it. Your favorite color is pink again, a big change from purple. And, you still love princesses but not as much as you love horses.

You also still love make-up, dress-ups and painting your toes. But, your no longer so insistent upon 'Disney' brand dress ups, but instead enjoy my great-grandma's scarfs and the old vintage clothes in Grandma Larsen's attic (they're way cooler anyway).

Your dad taught you to do handstands and you practice all the time. Your favorite number is still 5 and and your favorite letter is still S. I started reading you chapter books this summer and you love to cuddle up for a half hour to an hour at a time listening to stories about witches, ponies and Captain Underpants.

You help me out with Fin and Bridge all day long. I love it and realized just how much you do for me the weekend you went to Waterton with your Grandma. Your favorite playmates are your siblings, and any little girl your age. Your very social and love going for "playdates". Your still as independent as ever and never mind going places alone.

Your a bit more mischievous since you figured out how to bait Bridgey into to doing something naughty for you. (ie. "Bridgey, there's cookies in the pantry, go get them.") If he doesn't get caught you eat them with him, if he does you totally blame the poor kid. It's pretty funny.

Family Home Evening is something you look forward to every week. And, you usually always put on a "Show" for the family at the end. You think swimming is where it's at, and this year when you played tee-ball you tired any excuse to get out of it. You started sewing with me this summer, but sadly I'm not sure you really like it. I thought my favorite ages for kids were baby and preschooler but, I was wrong, I love Kindergartner too. You start school in 2 weeks and I can't wait for you. You love new people, places and new adventures. You've been that way since the beginning. It's sure fun!

Bridgey Bear: What can I say. Your "Bridgey Bear" you tell me all the time. Along with Bridgey the super hero, and Spidy-man too. You love pretend about as much as your big sister. Your super easy going just like you were as a baby. If Ky wants to play Barn, your in, Princesses, Heroes, House, your in. But, your favorite thing to play is: "A Game". Any game with do. You don't care for the rules, you've got your own. And, you don't even need all the pieces. Your in Heaven with a package of cards, or an old game board and a die. Your the most enthusiastic person I think I've ever met, taking after your dad for sure. Even when you get in trouble you smile with your mouth and your crinkly eyes and say, "Okay mom." And then bounce away. Sometimes I have this thought that I need to be meaner or harsher so you'll seem more sad when you get in trouble, but then I realize that's silly, your enthusiasm is something to be admired not extinguished.

You love animals and "Beedles". All bugs are Beatles to you. It's pretty cute. You started using the potty about 6 months ago and love wearing underwear. Sometimes you have accidents because your too busy to use the potty, and I get frustrated with you, but you never seem to care, you just jollily smile at me and apologize and then skip away. You got a dog this year. You named her "Blue Kitty" and then giggled because your so funny. We all giggled too. Blue Kitty has been a true pal and you play with her several times a day. You think skateboarding and riding your bike is where it's at and do it everyday. Your so tickled with how fast you can go around the culdasac. We are too. We recently got Tree House and your in love, too in love. You beg to watch t.v. and cry when I turn it off. I'm a little worried to introduce video games when your older.

Your favorite person is your big sister, and you cry when she leaves for school. You've also become pretty good friends with Fin even though she's only a year and a half. You've really learned how to be patient with her as she doesn't understand when she takes your toys or hits you in the face thinking you'll laugh. You pick her up when she falls and give her hugs when she's sad. And, I have heard you more than once, tell bigger kids, "Hey, that's my sister!" when they make her sad. It's the sweetest thing ever. Your sure alot of fun. I love this age.

We took you two to Chuckie Cheese for your Birthday and you both got to pick one friend to come with. Bridgey picked his cousin who he adores, Livi and Ky picked Aria Ogden. Ky got horses and Barbies to ride them for her birthday (surprise! surprise!) and Bridgey got Linkin Logs, and a Dinosaur he loves from Auntie Kesh.

Fun in True Larsen Form!

Meg's wedding was a good example of a typical Larsen celebration.
When I met Jess one of the first things he told me about his family is: "Larsen's like to have fun". That has since become our family motto and we have learned it from the best.
Here's a few examples of Fun in true Larsen form.
Meg's wedding dinner:

Swing Dancing, Salsa, and a surprise preformance of "OK-Go" (Steph left, Keshia Right, Jill Center, and Trev hiding in the back).

Livi, Bridgey, and Ky doing "Wish'n and Hop'n"

Aunt Helen doing some Disco

Authentic Peruvian Dancers
and there were also preformances from the Bride herself singing to her new husband, and a ridiculous number put on by Mo and all the Aunts.

More of Meggies Wedding Photos.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wake Surfing

Jess doing what he loves almost as much as the snow. I was brave this time and got in the water too. I'm a bit like a cat when it comes to water, but I knew it would be more fun for Jess if I tried. I wasn't very good, but I did manage to surf a bit and had fun too.

My Other-Other Half

"And, please bless Meggie and Uncle Jorge to be safe from the bad guys, and for Meggie to come home ." -Bridgey age 3

"Mom I'm really glad that Meg married Uncle Jorge, but I still wish she would come home. I thought family were suppose to be together forever."
-Kyanne age 5

"If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus one day, so I never have to live without you."
-Stephanie + Pooh

Life is different now. More room in the shoe closet, more laundry piles to be washed, more space, less family dancing, less water fights, less desert cereal, less giggles with my other-other half. Last night you were in my dreams and I woke up missing you. Wish you could at least live across the street, if you refuse to live in my beautiful basement. In Raymond this week I staked out plots for us, we could be neighbors, have pj parties, watch Regis and Kelly over do-no's, borrow sugar, and bicker happily like Marilla Cuthbert and Mrs. Rachel Lynde forever and ever. It sounds magical, I know.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Be Smart...Be safe. Human Trafficking

Jess and I are starting a charity to help stop child trafficking and sexual exploitation. We have realized what a lack of awareness there is in the general public. Other than the movie 'Taken' most people know little about child trafficking and that it is taking place right here in Canada and the US.

Right now the RCMP believes there are 600 to 800 people sold as slaves in Canada. Roughly 70% for sexual explotation. The State Department in the US believes there are 15,000 to 18,000 sold to Americans per year.

How to protect your children and others. Step 1: Start your Education (See links below). Step 2: Educate your kids appropriately. Family Home Evening is a great time to learn about stranger safety, modesty, and to do role playing as a family. Sidenote: A Calgary PD officer told me it is better to teach your child to yell "Stranger!! Stranger!!" if in danger and run, rather than yelling for mom or dad. Because hearing a scarred child yell "stranger" will immediately get the attention of other around.

Most concerning is girls, ages 12 to 16, who kiddnapped while visiting cities other than their hometown, where they are more easily lurred into more vulnerable situations. Jess and I are working on organinzing a curriculum to teach parents how to protect againest child trafficker and online child pretadors (facebook, myspace, chatrooms). While crossing the boarder last year to Montana, a boarder patrol officer told me that they are seeing a rise in kidnappings of young children (toddlers and preschoolers) who are taken across the boarder to be sold and after which shipped to the Middle East and Asia.

CLICK Links Below:

(click graph to Enlarge)

Monday, August 10, 2009

62 Messages and counting...

My cell is missing and I am currently listening to the 62 messages in my voice mail. Awh. I don't know why it doesn't occur to me to check my messages daily like the average phone owner, but it doesn't. I have been working on this for years now, and I still don't think to check messages for weeks at a time. I am better about checking my cell phone, but it doesn't help that I lose it so often. Lucky for me my head is permanently attached, and my kids never leave me alone long enough for me to forget about them... too often. Listening to messages is a chore right up there with laundry and toilet bowls when you only do it every few weeks, and so I type while I listen to entertain myself and vow to do better this month.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Measure twice, cut once.

Here's a new dress I sewed for little Fin. The shoulders are a bit big, I didn't do any measuring beforehand. You all know me: Measure twice, cut once. Well, one day at least. One day I'll be that patient, that logical, but for now, I was just stoked it came out a wearable dress!

Believe It or Not?

Most people just don't seem that awe struck when I tell them my 4 year old sewed this adorable unicorn -minus the horn. But, it must be because they don't believe that she machine sewed it together, stuffed it with the help of a pencil, hand stitched the belly up, and then sewed on all those buttons, ALL by Herself! But, it's true. I know it's crazy, she's just one awesome talented gal. All I did was cut out the pattern (because she was napping) and I sewed on the mane for her. Way to go Ky!
Sad side note: When I enthusiastically asked her if she wanted to have a, Dress a Pet Party, where the kids could sew little tutus for their pets, she sweetly said, "Maybe, we shouldn't sew for my birthday mom." It was pretty cute.

The Family that Plays together Stays Together

I've also heard the fam that prays together, stays together. Both are true. And, we have done a large amount of playing this summer, but sadly not much with that tall freckled boy I love. He's been gone so much this spring and summer and we miss him. But, today was wonderful.

He came to Kalispell to visit my mom and dad with me and kids. While he could only stay one day, due to meetings in Utah, that one day was one I always want to remember. We had a lazy morning, and a super fun afternoon playing at the lake, doing a bit of swimming, wandering and just general puttering.

A few days ago I felt like I'd reached my limit, and Jess must have too, because it was that very next day that Jess put an end to his crazy schedule. He still has to follow through on his plans for the next couple weeks but then he's back home where we love him to be. I just loved having the time to putter, and 'be still' as a family today.

We allow ourselves to lead such busy lives, and I think it really robs us of those sweet peaceful moments that make life worth waking up for in the morning. I always know something needs to be re-adjusted in my life, when I dread rolling out of bed in the morning. That's a terrible way to live. And, I'm so grateful for the example of my mother in law, Mo. She refuses to live that way. To her, Happiness is a decision. And, I find that school of thought so empowering. If you don't like something, do something about it (even if the only thing you can change is your attitude.) Why not, right?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jess's summer 09'

Summer Highlights:

Awesome progress at work.

Awesome Ramp coming along painfully slow.

And an Awesome Man-cation to Hawaii.