Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome Website, check it out.


I love the ideas on this site. Super simple and fun for the whole family.
Snow painting with squirt bottles, and using old fruit drink mixes for scrach and sniff paintings! Cute ideas for Easter Holidays.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.

Like most my life this post is also late. So, Happy 31st Birthday Christy. You must know how loved you are, but if not you can look at these sweet pictures, of people gathered just for you. Happy Birthday.
. . . .(When she first walked up. "Surprise!")

Here is a super rad Birthday Hat, straight out of the 40s literally -minus the little stuft bird. I don't want to make everyone else feel bad, but I'm pretty sure it was her favorite gift. See, even Cathy wishes she had one (maybe for your bday).

Curse-ed Electronics!

Dying;// at death's door, done for, doomed, fated, giving up the ghost, moribund, on last leg, one foot in the grave;

It's like a parade of dying electronics. First went the freezer, then the flat screen tv (via Bridgey's help), dishwasher, deep freeze, camera (also via Bridgey's help), vaccumn, crock pot, stupid vonage phone, my sad little van, even my mixer started to catch fire while in use. It's an epidemic, virally contagious.

Good news is we get to get all new replacements. This week I replaced the phone, vacumn, and dishwasher. And, the dishwasher I replaced myself. It hasn't even leaked, or caught fire yet, I'm pretty proud.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish. . . and $1000.00

(My lucky St. Patty's Day: I won a $1000.00 gift card for Home Depot today. Isn't that crazy? The Fedx man came to my door this morning with a certified letter. Assuming it was a bill my first words were "Oh, no". To which the delivery man said, "maybe it's a check". "Yeah right" thought my brain, but my mouth smiled politely and closed the door. As it turns out the day I decided to submit my receit online to be entered in to win, I did!)

I can't wait to start shopping. I'm leaning mostly towards carpet in the
living room, but then I could always buy 1,000 one dollar items instead, or 10 100.00 items, or 20 50.00 items, awh the endless possibilities!

I have always loved St. Patricks day. When I was 6, I saw my first real leprechaun. It flew across Mrs. Snows 1st grade classroom during story time. He had been writing us letters in green pen all week. Telling us if we were good for Mrs. Snow he would come visit us on St. Patricks day, and he kept his word. Just after lunch a flash of green light flew across the room, and all 20 kids flew after it. Until finally, Mrs. Snow snuck up and caught him in a glass jar. And, do you know what that little green man did? He turned right into a peanut shaped refrigerator magne before any of us could see what he really looked like. It was pretty disappointing when you were expecting to see a round minature person with a miniature green suit and cute red beard, but at least he left us his pot of gold which turned out to be exactly enough pennies for each child in the class.

Of course I couldn't wait to get home and tell my mom that I met a real leprechaun. She says I wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks, so she felt obligated to sit me down and have a "talk". Whenever my mom needed to have a "talk", it made my stomach turn even at age 6. In this "talk" she told me that Santa and Leprechauns weren't real. Double Whammy. I told her "I didn't care about Santa, but she was wrong about Leprechauns" and ran to my room crying. She says she still regrets that "talk" to this day. I think a bit of me does too. What's so wrong with believing in childhood magic as a little person. It's so fun.

Today I spent the better part of the morning educating my little children about Irish folk lore via youtube. We watched a few leprechaun cartoons and then got dressed in all green, and delivered cookies to the people at dad's office in our fabulously festive outfits. The kids are napping at the moment and I'm about to go catch a leprechaun for them to recatch tonight and set up a near by pot of gold (Reese's chocolates). I can't wait, I love this holiday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby's Juice.

About a month ago Ky brought up something about her "Baby's Milk". (When she was 2 and I was nursing Bridge she became really interested in that part of the body that she called: "Baby's Milk". Jess and I thought it was funny, so we just went with it. We especially liked the term when she undressed a maniquen and then shouted across the store, "Mom she has Baby's Milk too!")

Anyhow, this is a two part story. Part one:
After Ky brought up her baby's milk Bridge decided he had some too but his were called: "Baby's Juice".

Part two of the story took place yesterday when he pointed at my droopy tummy and said, "Mommy's Baby's Juice". His honesty was funny and sad all in one!

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Can Heavenly Father see us?"

Kyanne: "Can Heavenly Father see us?"

Mom: "Yes. And, we can talk to Him whenever we want. When were happy, sad, scarred-"

Ky: "Yeah, we should talk to Heavenly Father when we're scarred, but not grown-ups. They just say 'Go back to bed.'"

In a flash I saw bedtime over the last 2 weeks. Ky accending the stairs for the 8th time, telling me she is scared. This is about the time my after-hours Mommy voice would kick in and say something really sympathetic like, "There is nothing to be scared of, Go-To-BED."


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"I heart wallets" GIVEAWAY!

Look at this little sweetheart. I had so much fun doing the giveaway for her a few months ago that I thought I'd do another. For those who have been following Mia's story you can get a better update than I can give by going to her website.

And, to enter in the giveaway all you have to do to is leave a comment on the Help Baby Mia website, and for extra entries please help get the word out by posting about it on your blog.

To ENTER Giveaway Click Here: HELP BABY MIA