Friday, April 16, 2010

SLAVES: The going rate this Spring? $90 Bucks.

Many have deemed us a "Disposable Society", due to products built and sold so cheaply, that it has become the norm to consistently buy, throw away, and repurchase. But what about:

"Disposable People"?

"One thing I learned recently from reading Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery is that a practice that is growing in the fishing industry, which one of his interviewees, who was a policeman in Thailand, called the most violent type of slavery today, is where small boys are taken onto fishing vessels for ten months straight; they work 20 hours a day, they're kept alive on amphetamines, and at the end of the ten months their reward is to be shot and thrown in the ocean. You wonder why your fish is so cheap. I believe that we might want to at least be thinking about paying a little bit more money for the social and environmental impacts that we have in the way that we live." -Devin Stewart January 27, 2009

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the mouth of Babes. . .

Thankful Goodnight prayers.

Kyanne is thankful to "be an inventor, soon" and that she could "discover so many new things at the park with Best friend Lexi". (I'm assuming this is in reference to the lady bug that peed in the palm of her hand, I think she was more bemused by the golden goo than perturbed by it. That a girl. The intrigue of Buggy whiz.

Bridgey was thankful for his "babysitters even though, I don't like to be babysitted. And, for all my girlfriends, even though they messed up my room."PS. Bridgey's prayers are priceless. Often I find him saying his morning prayer, kneeling, bum up in the middle of a room, with a squeaky voice he reserves for small children and Heavenly Father. It is honestly so sweet, I unfailingly walk away teary.

Two other little convos worth repeating,

Ky's statement after Jess finished explaining sin and the need for the atonement. "Well, when I'm eight, I'm just not going to sin, dad." Said so sincerely and matter of fact. Like 'I pick option one, sin seems like a bother.'

Why is it important to dress modest?
"So, if a policeman pulls you over, you don't go to jail."
Seat belt safety. . . dressing safely, I confuse them all the time. I'm not sure how she came up with this but her serious tone of voice left me straining to keep a my face straight.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventures in London

  • The open palm crosses all language barriers. They weren't interested.

  • Eating a helpless little dead little snail. A bit squishy, and salty. . .
emmm... like snot.
  • London Regret #1: Not making over to visit the Royal guards in front of St. James Palace. The 10 year old in me would have really liked to make silly face or two at the guards and see if they really don't react.

  • Regret #2: not smooching in one of those cute red phone booths, in a cramped, germy sort of way it seemed kind of charming.
  • Loved the caramel, rosted nuts from a vendor on the London Bridge. We have to make two visits.

We saw The Queen show, "We Will Rock You". Great show!

The Tube in London. Mind the Gap.

  • London was just as I imagined, Darling! Picadilly Circus, Big Ben, Westminister Abby, Buckingham Palace, Fish and Chips, the National Gallery of Art.
  • Above we have my Favorite Traveling Friend, for obvious reasons: Ridiculous, handsome and FUN, all in one!

  • Most of all I just loved being there with Jess. We weren't in a hurry to do anything in particular just, play together, relax, and have a ball, and so we did.