Monday, April 30, 2007

A little child shall lead them by the hand....

Today while waiting at the doctors with Kyanne, she made a comment about "her toys at her old house", she was not sadly reminising or demanding she have her old toys, she just was mentioning them. And, I realized, she remembers the things she loves, doesn't know if she'll see them again, and she's still happy. Practically everything that's familiar beside Bridge, Dad, and Mommy are 3 hours away in our "old house" until we take possession of our new house in June. This was just a reminder to me to "be cheerful in all things." Sometimes as adults we get caught up in what is "ours" and what we "deserve". Entitlement seems to plague our very wealthy society, and I'm thankful for Ky's small reminder that all things come by the hand of the Lord and what it means to be "as a little child."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A roller coaster ride, engagment, pregnancy, and other weekly events

Well, life has been a roller coaster as of late. Jess's year and a half long project is finally coming to an end this week, we just sold our 1st home (sad) and are buying a new one here in Calgary. Kyanne is learning how to live without the endearing "yucky corner" of her well loved blanket in her mouth, and Bridgey is still just as perfect and sweet as ever. He's trying to stand on his own and did take a step the other day to impress his grandma. But, he really likes crawling so I'm going to guess walking is a ways off.
So, if all of this wasn't enough excitement this week, we found out were pregnant with #3. Who's name is going to be Rusty. I told my grandma and she said, "Lefty! I love that name!" No, worries were not naming #3 after a pirate or a cowboy singer. Next we got a call from Jilly saying she is getting married to her sweetheart Trevor or Trever...humm...I'll need to learn how to spell his name now. Anyhow, it's been a big week. Lots of changes, heartaches, and joys for all 4 of us. But, we feel happy and peaceful, knowing Heavenly Father loves us and has a plan for all of us, even if it's not what we planned for us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Confessions of a CIA want to be...

Jess and I had our last night of "Alien" as we've affectionately termed it. Projected on our wall with an annoying little nail smack in the middle, we said our forlorn "good-bye's" to Agents Bristow, Vaughn, Flickmen, Weiss and of course the 'good', bad guys Sloan and Sargk. Depression sets in even as I blog this. We have introduce many friends to Alias, and many have reported side effects of restless sleep, dreams of talking watches, deadly lip balms, an array of covert ops, and/or thoughts of "taking" down innocent bystanders. I, myself have experienced all of these side effects the funniest by far being the time I was getting out of my Cabrio in our Huntington Beach ally behind our house. A suspicious stranger was approaching my car, and my first thoughts were how to "take him out" when I quickly remembered I only became a yellow belt in 4th grade due to my instructors sympathies.
*Here's to our Alias watching buddies: Nick & Keshia/ Brandon & Hetal/ Our Mom's & Dad's Good Times. Good Times.