Monday, April 16, 2007

Confessions of a CIA want to be...

Jess and I had our last night of "Alien" as we've affectionately termed it. Projected on our wall with an annoying little nail smack in the middle, we said our forlorn "good-bye's" to Agents Bristow, Vaughn, Flickmen, Weiss and of course the 'good', bad guys Sloan and Sargk. Depression sets in even as I blog this. We have introduce many friends to Alias, and many have reported side effects of restless sleep, dreams of talking watches, deadly lip balms, an array of covert ops, and/or thoughts of "taking" down innocent bystanders. I, myself have experienced all of these side effects the funniest by far being the time I was getting out of my Cabrio in our Huntington Beach ally behind our house. A suspicious stranger was approaching my car, and my first thoughts were how to "take him out" when I quickly remembered I only became a yellow belt in 4th grade due to my instructors sympathies.
*Here's to our Alias watching buddies: Nick & Keshia/ Brandon & Hetal/ Our Mom's & Dad's Good Times. Good Times.

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