Sunday, December 21, 2008

'What would I put in the Box?'

Coming up with different activities and treats to put in the advent boxes for each day until Christmas has been harder than I thought it would be. One of the funniest things we've done was go a-hunting in our house for 'Magical Christmas Treasure' which ended up to be a basket full of Christmas books. Jess made an 'authentic treasure map' and put it in the advent box. We had to go through scary forests, up mountains (stairs), and across the edges of cliffs (the sectional). It was really silly, and we all loved it. Now the basket of books sits by the fireplace and we read so much more during the day just because they are out in the open (thanks for the idea Jolie).

Another idea that I just love came from Rachel. For her Christmas Day box she is leaving it empty and when the kids open it she'll explain that this box is for them to put their gifts for Jesus in. After writing down the gifts they want to give Jesus this year, they will place them in the box and read them next year.

Such a sweet idea. I've been thinking about it ever since. What would I put in the box? There are so many things I could write down, lists of ways I need to improve and things I could be doing more of. It needs to be a Big Box. But the one that grabs my attention the most is: Service. Probably because it's my love language (poor Jess) and, it's how I feel most comfortable showing my love for others. *(Great book: The Five Love Languages and there's also one for learning your children's love languages, it's really helped with Kyanne's misbehaviors, I'll save that for another post)

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to this year as I take time each day to include in my prayers my petition to frist: see the needs of others, and then: find ways to help and serve. My relationship with Jess and the kids is always at it's best when I take time to be prayerful about their needs/wants and what I could do for them personally.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa,

I'm finding a way how you ride your rendeer over the houses. Could you get me a Cindy Loo Who Ballet costume for Halloween and give me a ride in your sleigh. I am hoping that you would give lots of blocks to Bridge to play with. And, bring Mommy a Princess book for her to read to me and Fin.

Love, Princess Snow White Kyanne

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bloggers Block

I was never much of a writer, at my best I got B's in English, and I own enough blank journals to start a small Hallmark, but when I found the BLOG-o-Sphere, I was changed in the click of a button.

When I first started I only knew one other blogger personally, so I had no inhibitions. What ever popped into my scattered little brain was posted: closet pooing toddlers, sagging unmentionables and the heart break of losing a loved one, it all got written.

I loved the idea of having a record of our family adventures, random thoughts, daily doings, and testimony building experiences. I would love to read about how my mom dealt with day to day life. So, I guess I write with the assumption that one day my kids might be interested in my day to day life. And, I plan on printing it into a bound book for my kids, one day.

But, in the last year I find myself holding back so many of my real thoughts and what I would write if I knew no one was looking, that it's losing it's appeal to me. I was talking with Racheal awhile back and we decided we would write how we wanted, because the only people's opinion we really cared about were those who loved us anyhow, and since they would expect some odd posts about subjects like quilts, pooey mishaps, and Mommy rants, it would make us just that much more endearing. But alas, I digress. I still find myself writing carefully, and cautiously. Sometimes I just write freely with the expectation that I will just save the post as a draft and post it right before I print.

I've contemplated going private with only subscribers being able to read, but the truth is I love to read other mom blogs, I gain ideas, insight, and perspective from reading about their daily mishaps and adventures and I want to share those things with others too. I really am inspired and strengthend by the things I read on friends blogs, so I just don't know. What do you guys think? Anyone else having the Private? Public? Issue?