Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adventures in Paris

Paris Favorites:

  • The Old Paris Mansion we stayed in with a wooden elevator for two.

  • Smooches under the Effiel Tower while it sparkles glitter in the middle of the night.

  • Laughing my head off while Jess maneuvered the best 23 point turn I've ever seen.

Romance and spying together in the French Countryside

  • Bathrooms were a peculiar thing in Paris. And, the Maid that put my make-up bag in the Ba day was even more peculiar, Yuck! I loved the bathrooms in the Le Caroussel Mall *(colorful picture above) beneath the Louvre. You had to pay a Euro but they were super clean and had a souvenir shop full of quirky paper rolls, and toilet seats.

  • Loved the Treats! I felt fancy eating them, and a bit of an idiot ordering them. "Parlez-vous anglais?"

  • Bakery Treats in the Morning. . afternoon. . . Evening wee hours of the Morn.

  • "Tex-Mex" in France

  • The Arc, and the Bridges over the Siene were breathtaking.
  • Versailles and London's Portrait Gallery are really fun with headsets.
  • The Louvre. . . really fun for people who like ALOT of Art. ;)

  • Jason Bourne on the Pont Neuf

    • People come to Paris to Fall in Love, and so I did.

  • Doors, and More Doors! I fell right in Love, I went camera nutty for doors.

Another Glorious door. These people really know how mix color with stone.

  • Le Zimmer's Cocoa: A Pari favorite, for sure.

    • Eeek. . . a little more skin than needed, but still probably my favorite thing in Paris aside from late night trips to the Cafe's. There was a vintriliquist, and a real live "talking dog", acrobats, ballet, and the Cancan. Best Broadwayish show I've ever seen!

  • The subway Broke Down in Paris. Just quit running mid-tunnel, lights flickered off and on, then there was lots of French coming from the loud speaker. Lucky for us, there was a young boy on the trail who could translate pretty well for us.
  • Here we are making our way back through 7 or 8 cars, to get off due to something or someone on the tracks. We don't know which since the French Police were holding up a large sheet so we couldn't see. Kind of eery.

Life back to, Normal?

I am so happy to be home. By the 5th day I was in Paris, I really really missed my little critters at home. And, so getting home was a delight and Life is almost back to normal.

Life as normal (in the last 48 hours) consists of:

Mom's makeup doubling as art supplies, brushing the dogs teeth... with Fin's toothbrush, broken glass in the bathtub, fuzzy pom poms in our dinner, water in my bed, another Bridgey original upon the wall, a punch to the face, a bloody nose, a lake in the kitchen, grape jelly on the carpet, and mud adorning the newly mopped kitchen.

Of course this has all been mixed in with "Surprise!" kisses from Kyanne, Finny "shake-a-bum's", and "Fuzzy Robe Snuggles" with Bridge. Now we're just waiting for Dad to come home and join the fun. He gets back
from London sometime today, Hooray!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Romance inspired Fashion.


I came home from Paris feeling inspired.

I love to sew. After this past week I have so many ideas in my head I feel like I'm in a candy shop.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paris Day 2 and 3: For the Louvre of Eating.

(Dang, That's a Handsome Boy!)

Eating was an Experience all in it's own.

Swishy Snails. . .

Highlights of Day 2 consisted of sleeping in, awhhhhh. We never seemed to adjust to the time change, so we would wake around 11am and eat breakfast around 2p. After a traditional French breakfast of Crepes, we headed to the Louvre. Where we spent the rest of our loooonnngg afternoon. I think it may not have been quite as long for my cutely cultured husband, but I may or may not have rather been.... shopping, eating, or snuggling on a boat down the Seine. At dinner that night I tried my first Snail. It was squishy.
I love the little toddler here trying on a soilder's helmet.

Day 3: Was more of the Louvre for Jess and Exploring for me. I meandered around the Maria District, characterized by darling little Bakeries, charming cobblestone streets, and lots of little quaint, eclectic boutiques. And a delicious dinner at Zimmers after which we got stuck in the subway. We still don't know what happened but it was such an ordeal that when we finally were escorted out of the tube, there were French police holding up a big tarp so we couldn't see what happened on the tracks. And, I believe that was the night I couldn't fall asleep so I woke Jess around 1am and we went for dessert. That was probably my favorite night, we giggled and giggled over nothing really, and had alot of Chocolate.

The one breast exposed thing, baffeled me. I think the naked body in sculputure, or paint, is beautiful, but leaving your garment dangling off to one side, just seemed uncomfortable and the trend seemed to transcend many cultures for over a century at least.