Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adventures in Paris

Paris Favorites:

  • The Old Paris Mansion we stayed in with a wooden elevator for two.

  • Smooches under the Effiel Tower while it sparkles glitter in the middle of the night.

  • Laughing my head off while Jess maneuvered the best 23 point turn I've ever seen.

Romance and spying together in the French Countryside

  • Bathrooms were a peculiar thing in Paris. And, the Maid that put my make-up bag in the Ba day was even more peculiar, Yuck! I loved the bathrooms in the Le Caroussel Mall *(colorful picture above) beneath the Louvre. You had to pay a Euro but they were super clean and had a souvenir shop full of quirky paper rolls, and toilet seats.

  • Loved the Treats! I felt fancy eating them, and a bit of an idiot ordering them. "Parlez-vous anglais?"

  • Bakery Treats in the Morning. . afternoon. . . Evening wee hours of the Morn.

  • "Tex-Mex" in France

  • The Arc, and the Bridges over the Siene were breathtaking.
  • Versailles and London's Portrait Gallery are really fun with headsets.
  • The Louvre. . . really fun for people who like ALOT of Art. ;)

  • Jason Bourne on the Pont Neuf

    • People come to Paris to Fall in Love, and so I did.

  • Doors, and More Doors! I fell right in Love, I went camera nutty for doors.

Another Glorious door. These people really know how mix color with stone.

  • Le Zimmer's Cocoa: A Pari favorite, for sure.

    • Eeek. . . a little more skin than needed, but still probably my favorite thing in Paris aside from late night trips to the Cafe's. There was a vintriliquist, and a real live "talking dog", acrobats, ballet, and the Cancan. Best Broadwayish show I've ever seen!

  • The subway Broke Down in Paris. Just quit running mid-tunnel, lights flickered off and on, then there was lots of French coming from the loud speaker. Lucky for us, there was a young boy on the trail who could translate pretty well for us.
  • Here we are making our way back through 7 or 8 cars, to get off due to something or someone on the tracks. We don't know which since the French Police were holding up a large sheet so we couldn't see. Kind of eery.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome< what great memories my darlimg's I'm so excited for u both.

Love, Mom and DaD