Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy came! .... just barely.

Anyone else's tooth fairy just barely make it? A sad and disappointed Ky woke me at 7am to tell me the tooth fairy hadn't come yet... surprising I know. I was so surprised I woke Jess just to tell him the news. Luckily while Ky was snuggling with me, the magic fairy made it to 125 Prestwick Mews. Phew! Three Magical American Dollars later we had a very happy 5 year old.

3 dollars was definitely more than I ever got from the toothfairy, but Ky did loose two teeth similtaneously. I know the toothfairy sees a lot of teeth but two with some leftover skin attaching them in the middle? That's impressive. At any rate I was super impressed with Ky's bravery the night before, when her and I tried for a really FUN solid hour to get her two bottom teeth out. In the end she said I could use dental floss to yank them! A brave soul that one is.

Of course when they came out full force, BLOODY, and landing on her arm, Bravery quckly was replaced by shock and disgust. I laughed my head off, it really was a super fun night!

Here's some awesome shots of the priceless moment I'll always remember.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nurse Meggie... "Practically a Doctor".

Way to go Meggie! While it's disappointing that you willingly have been kicked out of the Cool Kids Club: Larsen Drop-outs, at least we can celebrate having another Nurse ("Practically a Doctor") in the fam. All that hard work, worry and dessert cereal paid off.

Larsen Trivia: When Mo went to Nursing school she stayed in all women dorms, graduated in cute little nursing dresses, complete with nursing cap. And, was chosen by her class to be their valedictorian and asked to MC the previous year's grad, which I was surprised to learn she hated doing and still to this day hates public speaking.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"I...I.. fell... really."

Yesterday at the Ky's bus stop I could just see the women there wondering... she fell?
Yes. Glamerous, I know. I've always been clumsy and now I've got the face to match.

Even as I was putting on those very cute, very impractical knee high boots, I thought better of it, but in the end Fashion won over Function and ended in 6 stitches.

Jess said when I hobbled into the house he thought I had surely been in a car wreck for all the blood. Which is still frozen, bright red in a trail leading to my front door.

Jess was great, he jumped up threw me a cloth, belted out orders, "Pressure! Hospital! now!" The drive was fast and painful with a lot of family singing.

Singing. That's has always been my keep calm strategy. During child birth some women, do Lamaze, or meditate. . . I belt out the primary songs. The lovely pitch and volume, naturally vary according to pain levels. Jess dutifully holds my hand and unbashfully sings along. The doctors and nursing staff politely go about business as though a woman crooning away during transistion is super normal.

"I looked out the window and what did I see..." "
Awhhh!" 2 big breaths and "Popcorn, popping on the apricot tree."