Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a girl.....not a pink and white horse!

So, yesterday we found out we're having a baby girl. I was so excited to tell Kyanne, that I must have left out the "baby" part. Because today she said, "Is Rusty sleeping in your tummy?" Followed by, "when she comes out I will pet her, because she's such a cute pink and white horse!" What? How she got a 'pink and white horse' I don't know, but it was pretty cute.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I hope it's not in Canadian!" -Gage

Okay, so it's been a long time since I've posted. So, I'll quickly catch up.

We moved into our new home here in McKenzie Towne. Which we've affectionately termed "The Elf Village" or as Kayla says, "The Twilight Zone". It's cute, parks on every corner, ice rink, splash park, sledding hills, church, town hall, and a confusing traffic circle to give us some excitement and near death experiences. All very charming like it belongs in a children's storybook or on an Alfred Hitchcock film. We love our house. It's a four level split, which in so many words, means I can have a clean kitchen and a company-ready livingrm "everyday of my life, it's fantastico", while the children, are children -on the next level.

Aside from this we are all surviving the "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too" June Flu. Kyanne was generous enough to share with not only our family but, Nicks family, Nana/Poppy, Grandma/pa, and so on. I think the number is up to 15. We taught her to share, and she does it well. We're currently battling week 4 with an end in sight.

Jess went to Raymond with the kiddies June 1st like the patriotic Albertan he is. And, then on to the Bridge family reunion, where he made me a pair of authentically tie dyed socks, for the Hippy in me. Ky and Bridgey got really cute shirts, for the Hippy in them. And, the kids and I stayed home in hopes of overcoming the plague. No such luck.

Kayla, Becky and her darling little 4 children came to visit for the 3 days after the reunion. And, I'm sad to report they also got sick upon departure.
Going away gifts: Tea set for Kenna, the flu for Gage.
All in all it was a riot. A weenie roast, an almost catastrophic fire, a slumber party, swimming/popcorn party, and to make the visit complete... a trip to Ikea.

Some funny quotes:

Becky was putting in a dvd for Gage, with disappointment he said, "Awh, I hope this isn't in Canadian!"

Kenna unsure whether she should interrupt decided: "Adults never stop talking."

Stella: "Mom, that girl is following me...."

Becky: "That girl... is your cousin. Give her a hug good night, and go to sleep!"

Kayla: "You live in Canada!"