Saturday, February 5, 2011

And, Spot makes 4. . .

Adorable Photo taken by my sweet friend Jody. J.A.C. photography

Little Nicholas Rusty came in his own good time. I went in for induction on Thursday but he must not of felt up to it, because he didn't make his appearance until Saturday.

Most people think he looks like Bridge, but Bridgey finds this offensive:
"He does not! He doesn't even have teeth!"
And, when we brought him home, Bridge kept poking at his eyes trying to see if "those grow in later" like teeth do.

The kids are enamored by little Spot, and he's just a doll. He's rarely set down between his adoring dad, sibs, and me.

Stats: Born: Jan. 29th, 2011
Weight: 7ils 13 0z
Length: 20inches
Cuteness: a perfect 10