Monday, May 31, 2010

I promised to. . .

Let you know how you can help save children from being kidnapped and enslaved, here's one great way.

Check this website out, and donate 5
minutes if you can, to push send on some emails to corporations who have the power and the financial backing to really stop slavery.
If you get a chance to donate any amnt of time to this, please leave a comment, I'd love to see how much help we can generate just between friends. And, if you can pass the challenge on via blogs, facebook, etc. that would awesome too. :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scary mom's and roll away poo's. . .

Bridgey: "Mommy, you should put make up on so you don't look so SCARY."

He really took that
FHE lesson on honesty to heart.

One of the funniest kid quotes this week happened at preschool, it was my turn to host. Bridgey's little friend came up to me taps my knee and say' so polite it cracked me up: "Excuse me, I . . . pooped my pants. Two Poops."

Sure enough, he was right 2 poos. Every mom know what I mean when I say it's a little tricky trying to pull off underwear filled with poo or poos. This was not one of my better times and those poos escaped, and as they are rolling across the bathroom floor this cute little guys says, "Well. . . that's awkward. .. " Who say's that, as a 3 year old? I was cracking up, he's the cutest kid!

And, finally what's with the weather this week? I love the snow. . . but in June? Poor little Bridge woke up Wednesday, took a look outside, and with the cutest frowny face said, "Mom, I don't want it to be Winter again." Neither does anyone else, buddy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally feeling empowered instead of just depressed...

Many of my family and friends know that Jess and I, along with some family and good friends have finally launched Child Rescue. Yay! It's off the ground and running and I can't believe the miracles that have taken place in the past 5 months.

There are so many wonderful people (Lindsay you know who you are) who have been gone above and beyond donating time, and resources. We've even had people call us asking what they can do or if they can donate, it amazes me. I wasn't expecting this sort of response.

It's just like Justin
Dillion (from Call and Response) says There are children crying out , literally, now it's just up to us: How we are going to respond?

When I first started learning about trafficking and the sex trade, I felt hopeless, kind of paralyzed by my discouragement, how do you fight something so big? But, I continued along Jess' side anyways. It's not like I could say,
"I realize these horrific things are actually happen to children, but it makes me too sad to hear about." (although that's how I felt, it's still hard to hear about). Some days I can tell the children's individual stories and not skip a beat, other times it just hits me, my throat constricts, and I know I could just have a cry fest all by myself (today was one of those days).
Interestingly as I continued to learn and research I began to feel inspired and empowered by all the good works going on all around me. While it's true that there are brothels and children being exploited in just about every North American city, there are also good people fighting and responding to these crys in every city as well.

While there are great people fighting against these evils, there aren't yet enough to make a permanent societal change. That's where Child Rescue comes in. We hope to educate everyone we can about what's happening a few blocks from their houses, at local truck stops, spas, salons, old wearhouses.

Our hope is that you will get fed up enough that you will respond with an outraged voice loud enough for the lawmakers and politicians to take action and provide the local law enforcement agencies with enough funding, manpower, and legislation to end child slavery.

Please stay tuned for ways you can get involved and respond. They're are so many ways you can just help in only a few mins or just from home. Thanks for reading friends, this is dear to my heart.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First Child Rescue Concert! Dashboard Confessional, Relient K, Steel Train

Our first concert is August 21st at Thanksgiving Point, in Utah. It's an all day acoustic Festival, 9,000 person venue, with a 15 band lineup, including:

-Priscilla Ahn-
- MORE TO COME......

And, an awesome huge skateboard ramp there as well as other fun stuff to do, buy and eat during the festival. It's going to be awesome. If any one will be in the area during August or wants to caravan down with me, we have lots of friends and family from Calgary heading down to the concert the day before.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sendn a Shout out to all the Minivan Mama's!

Makin' Minivan Mama's proud everywhere!
"Where my MotherFathers at?"
"Straight own'n bake sales with my Cupcake Skills."