Sunday, January 29, 2012

What will help them succeed?

*Think what will help them have success? How can I help Bridge be successful in doing his chores around the house? How can I help Kyanne be successful in today's math lesson. How can I help Fin be successful in staying in her bed after the lights go out?

When I think like this, I'm suddenly on their side, wanting them to do great. My view of them changes from, kids who don't care about obeying their mom, don't care about following directions, to kids who want to do what their asked and just don't quite know how. Suddenly I have compassion and I want to be in their corner, cheering them on, even if they only make it half way the first few times.

This is so different than the usual me, who asks Bridge to put away the shoes by the front door 3 times and wants to strangle him by time 4 but instead, I feel all controlled and good parent like when I give him a consequence instead, but is that really what will help him succeed? Sometimes yes, but other times no.

As I continue to think about our day, I find that Bridgey really does want to please me, he shows me this all throughout the day as he asks what he can do to help me, he just has trouble following through.

His little mind is amazing and so curious. I've heard him refered to as a blur, and I'd add quickly distracted as a back up. He's so interested in everything around him, it's hard to follow through on something less interesting like putting away shoes. But, the more I help him be successful the more I find he it makes him feel good and he tries to be successful all on his own.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

He Said/She said... Cute kiddies.

Bridge: "Look dad, my dragon's name is Mexico."
Finley: "My stuffie's name is Mexi-Ker."

Bridge: "Mom what is your favorite thing to do?"

After telling him some of my favorite things, I asked what what some of his favorite things to do were.

Bridge: "My favorite thing to do, is everything I do with my dad. (Pause) And, I like the things I do with you too mom. (Thoughtful pause) Except when you get mad at me."

*Man, kids are cute!

Friday, January 20, 2012

How do I Tame that Mommy Monster!#@

I've spent a lot of time the past couple weeks, lecturing Kyanne about
"choosing a good attitude -even when it's hard."
 But, I know from experience, like the rest of you, a lecture is about as inspiring as a poke in the eye. Instead I'm trying to sing when I feel like growling at the innocent Littles.

Sadly for Jess and my kiddos, I can do "Martyr" really well. And, I see my sweet Ky mimicking me, Awwwwwhhh. Singing is all I've thought of at present to combat the grumps. Depending on the moment, I can be heard humming or belting out "Count Your Many Blessings..." because that just what I need to throw out those "I deserve" glasses and remember I'm so blessed.
I'd love to hear anything you guys do in the moment, to tame your Mommy Monster, mine is around too much lately.

(Bridgey made this depiction of me and him. 
So, cute that he made me saying "I love Bridge". 
Do you think he knows about the "Golden Boy"?)