Friday, January 20, 2012

How do I Tame that Mommy Monster!#@

I've spent a lot of time the past couple weeks, lecturing Kyanne about
"choosing a good attitude -even when it's hard."
 But, I know from experience, like the rest of you, a lecture is about as inspiring as a poke in the eye. Instead I'm trying to sing when I feel like growling at the innocent Littles.

Sadly for Jess and my kiddos, I can do "Martyr" really well. And, I see my sweet Ky mimicking me, Awwwwwhhh. Singing is all I've thought of at present to combat the grumps. Depending on the moment, I can be heard humming or belting out "Count Your Many Blessings..." because that just what I need to throw out those "I deserve" glasses and remember I'm so blessed.
I'd love to hear anything you guys do in the moment, to tame your Mommy Monster, mine is around too much lately.

(Bridgey made this depiction of me and him. 
So, cute that he made me saying "I love Bridge". 
Do you think he knows about the "Golden Boy"?)


Carrie said...

Oh this is a hard one! I get so mad at myself when I feel like i'm losing control. My trick, I guess, but it's not really a trick, is to lock myself in the bathroom and pray like crazy that I can be nice again. And yes, I've even done it with screaming, crying toddlers pounding on the door.

MARTHA said...

All I can say is that I'm proud of you because you keep trying. You learn with your children and you ALL get better over time. Singing and pleading with the Lord - that's a good thing. I love you Steph!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Thanks for the helps. Really I am so thin for patience lately it's driving me crazy. I know what your talking about with bathroom timeouts, I've done those too. Sometimes, it helps if I think about how I was worried Rusty wouldn't make it when he was in utero and then I think how lucky I am that he did, and sometimes this breaks my grouchy mood too. :)

e.rose said...

hi :)) I adore your blog! :D btw, I'm your newest follower :D

Stacey said...

There's two things I do...when I think of it. One is the spiritual route, one is the funny route. The funny route is probably pathetic on my part so I'll tell you the spiritual one first. I LOVE mormon messages. When my kids have really ticked me off, I find watching one of the clips helps me to get perspective so quickly and helps me to not sink into what I would do naturally (like get a headache and probably yell) but try to aspire to what I know I can be when I feel the spirit.
Here's the embarrassing, confession of what I do when I take the funny route. I watch a 20 minute episode of Modern Family and after I have really laughed (which it always makes me laugh) I feel so much better. It has to be laughing out loud though and it's just enough of an escape where I can feel myself calming down.