Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A friend asked me what it was like having 3 kids so close together. My initial response: "Hard". It was out of my mouth before I could catch it. But the truth is: it's more wonderful than I could ever describe and I'm happier and more content than I've ever been.

The year I married Jess I couldn't believe how very blessed I was to have found the gospel and my perfect match all in one lifetime. We moved to a little cottage by the water in Huntington Beach and life was bliss. Life was so happy I spent those first few years looking over my shoulder waiting for it to dissipate, but it never did. It just got better.

Two years later we we're blessed with our first baby: Kyanne. By the time she was 3 months old, I was surprised to find my capacity for love and happiness had expanded again.
Of course in between all this there were little clouds like lost jobs, living with in-laws, unexpected $30,000 dollars of medical debt, and eating more .25 cent pies than we care to admitt.

When ky turned a year and a half, we bought our first home and were expecting our second. With so much instability in my past, having a real home felt pretty surreal. I spent that first summer in Raymond pregnant and hormonal. Worrying day after day that I wouldn't be able to love my new baby, so Jess gave me a sweet blessing of reassurance a few weeks before his birth. As it turns out, I like boys after all. The moment he was placed in my arms, I just sobbed, I loved him at first site.

7 months later I cried more joyful tears as I found out we we're pregnant with #3. Jess was understandably nervous, as our financial future had just crumbled, leaving us in ruins and without a home. I on the other hand was the good parent who wanted Finley from the start. Actually I was surprised at just how calm I felt. I knew the timing was right and I couldn't be more happy about another little girl. Now that little girl is a year old, Bridge is 2, and Ky is 4.

Today as I listened to Ky help Bridgey pray my heart was so full, I again wondered if this was all too good to be true, would I have some terrible trial to make up for having more than I had even hoped for. Every dream and secret wish I had as a child has come to fruition, making life truly perfect. Perfect -with all the trials, mishaps, and joys that have come along with it.

We've had plenty of tears, and growing pains along the way, but today I feel grateful for it all. I feel grateful to the Lord for allowing us to experience trials that shape, mold, and help us become closer to one another. Without the bad, we wouldn't recognize or be able to fully appreciate the good, so in this fleeting moment I'm grateful for it all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

And This To Shall Pass... we hope.

Tonight little Bridgey Bear swallowed a penny while in the corner doin' time. After the initial panic attack and desire to hide all small shiny objects, I called Jess to ask if he thought there was anything to do but wait. He agreed to just wait and see if the little copper treasure made a return.

According to my personal doctor -The Wild Wild World of Web: "A penny (or even a quarter!) can easily pass through the digestive tract and will probably do so within 24-48 hours." All you can really do is wait and go treasure hunting to make sure it makes it's way back out (fun!).

Renovating, Bo-bating, Bannana Fanna, Fo-fate'ing ...Renovating!

The past three weeks we've been renovating the basement. It started with a terrible two days of cleaning and clearing out, ending with two cheery trips to the dump. It felt so good to de-junk-a-fy my life and liberate the Inner Organizer within that I haven't been able to stop. Everyday I find more to donate to the: 'Trash' or 'Other Peoples Treasures' Box. I'm looking forward to tackling my closet next. I find in actuality I wear the same few shirts and pants over and over. The rest just tortures the small, organized part of me. If we end up going somewhere fancy I'll borrow or go buy something new, that's more fun anyhow.

Update on the basement, it took the contractor 2 weeks to frame, drywall and mud, in which the kids and I moved in with the grandparents. It was one of the nicest vacations I've had. We just relaxed down in Raymond, did some shopping, sewing and alot of visiting. It was lazy and perfect. Except for the part where the kids would wake Mo night after night with their nightly demands. Ky spent at least 1 of the weeks paling around with her best bud Maimie. And, the rest of the time paling around with Grandma. Grandma took her to see the play Peterpan put on by the 5th graders. Ky thought it was rivoting, Grandma fell asleep. Another night, we made homemade pizza at Jill's with all 7 kids (ages: 6mos to 5) with foolish plans of sewing. Good times Good times.

I'm hoping to finish painting the basement and get carpet laid in the next couple of days, we'll see how much I get done with Jess out of town.

PS: We had a FABULOUS contractor and electrician if anyone is looking. They were priced super well too.