Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Where do babies come from?"

While shopping for the baby yesterday.
Bridgey: "Mom, how did Spot get in your tummy?"

Mom: "Heavenly Father." (we've been over this.)

Bridgey: "Yeah, and you have to be an adult and get married, but how does the baby get there?" (it's like he knows I'm keeping something from him)

Mom: "Well, the Mommy and Daddy ask Heavenly Father for a baby, and then Heavenly Father sends a baby to the mommy's tummy."

Bridge: "Oh, ok."

Mom: "Phew." (cue: laughter from surrounding shoppers)
Man, he's been interested in how this baby stuff works lately. How the baby comes out, and how he got there. I'm doing my best to satisfy his 4 year old curiosity, and maintain his innocence. Because when I asked these questions as a 6 year old I remember getting more than I bargained for. I've been grossed out ever since.