Saturday, May 29, 2010

Scary mom's and roll away poo's. . .

Bridgey: "Mommy, you should put make up on so you don't look so SCARY."

He really took that
FHE lesson on honesty to heart.

One of the funniest kid quotes this week happened at preschool, it was my turn to host. Bridgey's little friend came up to me taps my knee and say' so polite it cracked me up: "Excuse me, I . . . pooped my pants. Two Poops."

Sure enough, he was right 2 poos. Every mom know what I mean when I say it's a little tricky trying to pull off underwear filled with poo or poos. This was not one of my better times and those poos escaped, and as they are rolling across the bathroom floor this cute little guys says, "Well. . . that's awkward. .. " Who say's that, as a 3 year old? I was cracking up, he's the cutest kid!

And, finally what's with the weather this week? I love the snow. . . but in June? Poor little Bridge woke up Wednesday, took a look outside, and with the cutest frowny face said, "Mom, I don't want it to be Winter again." Neither does anyone else, buddy.


Dorienne said...

That is a pretty cute kid to make a statement like that.

The Pratts said...

I love the photo of yourself that you posted! You're hilarious! I'm dying to know which little boy said "that's awkward!" So funny.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Oh you CRACK ME UP!! I don't know who that little kid is but, that is awesome!