Friday, January 29, 2010

Nurse Meggie... "Practically a Doctor".

Way to go Meggie! While it's disappointing that you willingly have been kicked out of the Cool Kids Club: Larsen Drop-outs, at least we can celebrate having another Nurse ("Practically a Doctor") in the fam. All that hard work, worry and dessert cereal paid off.

Larsen Trivia: When Mo went to Nursing school she stayed in all women dorms, graduated in cute little nursing dresses, complete with nursing cap. And, was chosen by her class to be their valedictorian and asked to MC the previous year's grad, which I was surprised to learn she hated doing and still to this day hates public speaking.


Nancy said...

Congrats Meggie. The world can always use another good nurse. Both of my daughters are in a physician office, the other is a hospice clinical nurse director.

Meg said...

Your the cutest Steph!!