Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paris Day 2 and 3: For the Louvre of Eating.

(Dang, That's a Handsome Boy!)

Eating was an Experience all in it's own.

Swishy Snails. . .

Highlights of Day 2 consisted of sleeping in, awhhhhh. We never seemed to adjust to the time change, so we would wake around 11am and eat breakfast around 2p. After a traditional French breakfast of Crepes, we headed to the Louvre. Where we spent the rest of our loooonnngg afternoon. I think it may not have been quite as long for my cutely cultured husband, but I may or may not have rather been.... shopping, eating, or snuggling on a boat down the Seine. At dinner that night I tried my first Snail. It was squishy.
I love the little toddler here trying on a soilder's helmet.

Day 3: Was more of the Louvre for Jess and Exploring for me. I meandered around the Maria District, characterized by darling little Bakeries, charming cobblestone streets, and lots of little quaint, eclectic boutiques. And a delicious dinner at Zimmers after which we got stuck in the subway. We still don't know what happened but it was such an ordeal that when we finally were escorted out of the tube, there were French police holding up a big tarp so we couldn't see what happened on the tracks. And, I believe that was the night I couldn't fall asleep so I woke Jess around 1am and we went for dessert. That was probably my favorite night, we giggled and giggled over nothing really, and had alot of Chocolate.

The one breast exposed thing, baffeled me. I think the naked body in sculputure, or paint, is beautiful, but leaving your garment dangling off to one side, just seemed uncomfortable and the trend seemed to transcend many cultures for over a century at least.


Ammo and Josh said...

looks like you had a G-R-E-A-T trip!!! I love that you woke Jess up at 1am to go for a chocolate run. Josh has been to Paris but I havent. I hope to go there with him someday. btw, I am DIGGING the brown hair! Glad you kept it. :)

Kristy Gardner said...

yum looks sooooo good! well not the snails... but the rest of it! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

Kayla Sue Paisley said...

I MISS YOUR DARK HAIR. Seriously, I'm in love with it.