Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paris Day 1: A story of rainment and grief.

The long red coat, that I received from Jess for Christmas is sadly still sitting in my front hall closet, instead of keeping me toasty warm in this very windy city. It is even more sad than it appears as I have imagined a romantic picture of Jess and I snuggling, possibly even… smoochy-smooing in front of the Eiffel tower in long, cozy, wool coats, ever since I learned about the trip.

And so, today’s afternoon was spent purusing the Rue’s for a coat, possibly long and elegant, possibly anything remotely warm. It was nearly a fruitless search as it is March, but in the end: success was savored.

After a lot of strong coaxing from a weary husband to a pouty wife (it’s hard to spend $$$ on a coat I may never wear again. Paris Value Village, anyone?), I walked away a warm woman.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that is truly awesome! A perfect trip, built for you!

Trevor and Shannon said...

Lucky you!!! I wish I could take a vacation right now!