Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The "Closet Poo-er"

Kyanne wants to please her parents, and so when she is asked to use the potty instead of her 'Dora the Explorer' pull-up, she says "okay" or "sure" (which by the way is very funny to hear out of a 2 year old's mouth.) But, when that time comes, and it inevitably comes, she runs to the closet. Not just any closet either, my closet. Why mine, I'm not sure, but I'm going to guess it's the clothes that hide her little body so well. It's like a game this week to find her in the closet befor she actually goes and run her to the potty. I'm batting 50/50 average. She must have wise'end up to my game, because today she hid in 'her' closet...very tricky. When I found her, I ran her to the bathroom where she yell "get oooouuutt".

My little girl is learning privacy. Today I scolded her in front of Aunt Keshia and Uncle Nick and she hid in my shoulder like she was embarrassed. It was adorable and I felt like scolding myself, 'Bad Mommy...bad'. I really need to remember that she is a person now, no longer that cute little busy baby. She understands when I talk to her and about her. I'll have to be more careful. Tonight we danced in the kitchen with the lights down low, just like her dad and I use to dance in my kitchen on Rimvale, pre- marriage and cute children. We still dance sometimes, I wish it was more. Well, I love that little girl.

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