Monday, April 30, 2007

A little child shall lead them by the hand....

Today while waiting at the doctors with Kyanne, she made a comment about "her toys at her old house", she was not sadly reminising or demanding she have her old toys, she just was mentioning them. And, I realized, she remembers the things she loves, doesn't know if she'll see them again, and she's still happy. Practically everything that's familiar beside Bridge, Dad, and Mommy are 3 hours away in our "old house" until we take possession of our new house in June. This was just a reminder to me to "be cheerful in all things." Sometimes as adults we get caught up in what is "ours" and what we "deserve". Entitlement seems to plague our very wealthy society, and I'm thankful for Ky's small reminder that all things come by the hand of the Lord and what it means to be "as a little child."

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