Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby's Juice.

About a month ago Ky brought up something about her "Baby's Milk". (When she was 2 and I was nursing Bridge she became really interested in that part of the body that she called: "Baby's Milk". Jess and I thought it was funny, so we just went with it. We especially liked the term when she undressed a maniquen and then shouted across the store, "Mom she has Baby's Milk too!")

Anyhow, this is a two part story. Part one:
After Ky brought up her baby's milk Bridge decided he had some too but his were called: "Baby's Juice".

Part two of the story took place yesterday when he pointed at my droopy tummy and said, "Mommy's Baby's Juice". His honesty was funny and sad all in one!


MARTHA said...

Very funny Steph! The things kids say. It's something I don't get to enjoy on a regular basis anymore. I have to look to the grandkids or a Primary child if I want that kind of coversatnal thrill. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

that's very funny/cute. and no worries as we've all been there steph. my favorite is after you've had a baby and the kids still ask if there is a baby in your tummy!