Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun in True Larsen Form!

Meg's wedding was a good example of a typical Larsen celebration.
When I met Jess one of the first things he told me about his family is: "Larsen's like to have fun". That has since become our family motto and we have learned it from the best.
Here's a few examples of Fun in true Larsen form.
Meg's wedding dinner:

Swing Dancing, Salsa, and a surprise preformance of "OK-Go" (Steph left, Keshia Right, Jill Center, and Trev hiding in the back).

Livi, Bridgey, and Ky doing "Wish'n and Hop'n"

Aunt Helen doing some Disco

Authentic Peruvian Dancers
and there were also preformances from the Bride herself singing to her new husband, and a ridiculous number put on by Mo and all the Aunts.


Mark, Laurel, Ashton and Nick Schlenker said...

This looked like a good time!!

Carrie said...

This is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. It's like a party ALL THE TIME. Sounds like you married into a family just perfect for you! Love the pic of the little ones doing their show. So cute.