Monday, August 3, 2009

Believe It or Not?

Most people just don't seem that awe struck when I tell them my 4 year old sewed this adorable unicorn -minus the horn. But, it must be because they don't believe that she machine sewed it together, stuffed it with the help of a pencil, hand stitched the belly up, and then sewed on all those buttons, ALL by Herself! But, it's true. I know it's crazy, she's just one awesome talented gal. All I did was cut out the pattern (because she was napping) and I sewed on the mane for her. Way to go Ky!
Sad side note: When I enthusiastically asked her if she wanted to have a, Dress a Pet Party, where the kids could sew little tutus for their pets, she sweetly said, "Maybe, we shouldn't sew for my birthday mom." It was pretty cute.

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MARTHA said...

I'm very impressed!