Monday, August 3, 2009

The Family that Plays together Stays Together

I've also heard the fam that prays together, stays together. Both are true. And, we have done a large amount of playing this summer, but sadly not much with that tall freckled boy I love. He's been gone so much this spring and summer and we miss him. But, today was wonderful.

He came to Kalispell to visit my mom and dad with me and kids. While he could only stay one day, due to meetings in Utah, that one day was one I always want to remember. We had a lazy morning, and a super fun afternoon playing at the lake, doing a bit of swimming, wandering and just general puttering.

A few days ago I felt like I'd reached my limit, and Jess must have too, because it was that very next day that Jess put an end to his crazy schedule. He still has to follow through on his plans for the next couple weeks but then he's back home where we love him to be. I just loved having the time to putter, and 'be still' as a family today.

We allow ourselves to lead such busy lives, and I think it really robs us of those sweet peaceful moments that make life worth waking up for in the morning. I always know something needs to be re-adjusted in my life, when I dread rolling out of bed in the morning. That's a terrible way to live. And, I'm so grateful for the example of my mother in law, Mo. She refuses to live that way. To her, Happiness is a decision. And, I find that school of thought so empowering. If you don't like something, do something about it (even if the only thing you can change is your attitude.) Why not, right?


MARTHA said...

I choose to be happy!

Kristen said...

We learned the crazy schdule that sucks the joy of your life syndrome last year. Good job for recognizing the beast for what it is! Anytime you need to get out, be around "big people", giv eme a shout. You'll always have someone who knows how the lack of hubby being around feels like. :)

The Young Ones said...

Very much so! Play, play, play! We have been camping this summer and loving life! Love your pics. Be happy!-Tonya