Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Witch's Pantry (inspired by cutest kid's book 'Piggy Pie')

Our Witch's Pantry. Kids are doing good at staying out of the treats

The kids and Abbi and I had xtra fun decorating for Halloween this year. . . because of: PINTREST.
What a beautiful thing.  
 It's like: 
finely aged wine
to my. . .craftaholic heart.
It could suck my life away if my kids would allow it.

Most the printables can be found HERE. I found most of the cute glass jars and creepy stuff at the dollar store. The labels were just baked till they looked old and then modge podged by Abbi. 

(For those who are wondering -yes, I did start a kitchen fire in the process, but only once and there were no casualties so we called it good, and carried on.)


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FrogPrincessATX said...

What cute stuff! I am a lover of Pinterest too! Wonderful blog, just stopping by!