Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our friend Natasha. Her STory.

When Jess or I first tell people about our charity, the most common response is, "That happens here?" And, the next question is: "How?"

Below is our friend Natasha telling her own story. Natasha was the all American teen, Cheerleader, honor roll, mom, dad and little brother at home. Her traffickers went to such length to abduct her, that they not only gave her their business card asking her to call if she was interested in becoming a make-up artist, but then had her meet them at an office building where they interviewed her and let her know that there were so many applicants she may not get the job. Three weeks later they called to inform her she had got the job and needed to get her travel documents in order and tell her family.

Natasha Herzig (middle)
After being kidnapped and forcefully exploited day after day, her traffickers required her to call home every few months to let her parents know how she was doing and where she currently was traveling for her work as a "make-artist".

The story of how she got out and what she's done with her life since to help others is inspiring and empowering. We feel priveleged to know her and have her advising us in matters of Child Rescue. Here's her story:  NATASHA's Story


Stacey said...

I watched the clip and watched clips on AMW. It's devastating. It's amazing how resilient the human spirit is.
I need to get a hold of you!

MARTHA said...

What an amazing story! I'm so grateful for her resilience and ability to tell others and help others.

Tony Titsworth said...
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Tony Titsworth said...

I knew her around that time and had no idea.i worked at olive garden in hayward california and she would come in to eat alot! We ended up becoming good friends, and she even would stay with me from time to time for what I thought was a abusive boyfriend, even went to st.rose hospital when she was hurt to check on her and stayed night there to be there for her.and then all of a sudden sje disapeared.ive always had her in my thoughts and glad that she is ok, if anybody out there knows her tell her I always kept her in my prayers.she also helped me through tuff if anyone still talks with her my email is thank you