Monday, June 11, 2012

Little Fin...our sweet third wheel.

If Ky and Bridgey are the first and second wheels on the bus, Little Fin is our third. 

My fun-loving, happy girl, seem a bit lost lately. Being the middle child looks tricky. I'm so glad she has Rusty. Even though he's 4 years her younger, she just adores his company and has found him to be a real kindred spirit. 

If Fin is our 3rd wheel, Rusty is our fourth and he really helps level things.

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lorrie said...

What's so adorable about Finley in these pictures, is if you ahead 4 years she's doing the exact thing DANCING in front of the fireplace with
similar and some of the same decor on the mantel. These pictures look like your Canada house and the ones you have now of her are in your Farmingt house. I pretty much think that there's always going to be music with singing, (that she's so good at) and dancing her whole life. She looks so happy in these photos.
Love you Fin and Stephanie,