Friday, January 9, 2009

He said... She said...

K: Where's my bracelet?
M: I don't know
K: I'll go ask dad, he knows everything.

K: You just talk about me getting older everyday. And, it's going to take a few more days, M-om.

K: Bridgey, do you want to come help me pick out my outfit?
B: No.
K: Come on Bridge, I don't like to pick out my outfits alone.

K: I don't want to turn 5 and go to Kindergarten.... I just want to stay home and be a mom.

M: Oh, Bummer!
B: I not Bummer! I Bridgey-Bear!
B: I not a Deer. I Bridgey-Bear!
B: I not Sweetheart. I Bridgey-Bear! (you get the idea)
B: I Bridgey-Bear. And, you Bridgey-Mom.

M: Is Mommy a boy or a girl?
B: You a Boy, MOm!!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

cute! Your so good at recording these little conversations.

A change of Heart said...

Love it!!! I would absolutely love for you to stop by. We are ALWAYS home ;-)

See you soon!!!