Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's an Epidemic!

Prego, prego, round it goes....
where it stops nobody knows!

So were guessing that I'm about 11 weeks along, Jason's wife Quincy is about 9ish, my favorite little Shannon is due the day before me and Keshia is now prego too! This is fantastic. It's catching like last winter's flu, sadly it feels like last winter's flu too. Awh, well, the little bun in the oven's worth it.

Last time Quincy and I were pregnant together we were also two weeks apart. She went one week early and I went one week late putting us in labor on the same day. Little Hayden was born a few hours before Kyanne. It is kind of comforting knowing someone else is going through the insanity too. Everyone should have a "Labor Buddy".

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