Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chasing a "FAIR"y Tale.

There seems to be a popular school of thought among parents, to treat your children the same, and "be fair". This is far from my natural inclinations as a parent, and I foolishly spent time worrying about it. Only to realize, my children are different. Which stands to reason, I should show love and parent them differently as well.

Someone mentioned I should be careful not to favor them. But, I naturally do. I can't help but favor both my little sweethearts. How I could possibly be 'equal', in how I love these perfect little creatures! Bridgey, so mild and docile. Kyanne, so explosive and full of color. Both hold my heart in the palm of their bitty hands, but my parenting towards them is as individual as their little Spirits.

It's amazes me that these precious babes come pre-wrapped in their own particular personalities. Ky has been busy, bossy, radiant and thrilled about life, from day one. By contrast, Bridgey, was calm, docile, sweet and contented to go with the flow. Both bringing cherished and vibrant colors to our family portrait. What will this next little baby be like?

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