Thursday, June 12, 2008

Murder at the Mason Mansion...

Dr. Pod-potty, Pod-locky, Podlonsky? The poor chap's dead, and the reading of his will was fabulous. It started out with light appetizers, a formal dinner, and then entertainment and dessert in the study. Detective Sniffer was fantastic at interrogating the other 9 guests deterring suspicions of his own whereabouts.

The entertainment following dinner was nothing short of entertaining. It's hard to pick a favorite amidst Scarlett's cat tricks, Mrs. Podlonsky's rendition of "Mr. Lonely", Gene Simmons gutairr solo, Chaquito and Taquito's Mexican wrestling, the Bollywood actress' (from Bride and Prejudice) palm reading, a scientific explosion and suburban cat roping from an authentic cowboy.

Here's some photos from that smashing night of inquiry and intrigue.


Keshia Larsen said...

HAHA! Yes... that was a good time... and once again let everyone know that I'm really NOT a jerk! .... Just a fabulous actress!!! HAHA JK lol oh good times! I'm glad your other friends bailed so we could come!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that was such a fun night!! Evan stillis covetting kent's trophy! Thanks for the pics that's awesome! No it was "Ggggrrrreat" (imagine scottish accent here!)