Friday, June 20, 2008

I Spy with my little eye. . . (Fun Finds #1)

Homeade Chunky crayons. Bake your old broken crayons in muffin tins. 275 degrees for 7-8 min. Let them cool in the freezer and pop them out.

I Spy Quilts:
How fantastic. Entertainment and snuggles all in one! Just click on the pics below to enlarge. They're amazing! (This for you Liz, although you've probably already made one for each of your kids, and sisters kids. ;)

Ice Treasure Hunting

You can put those misc. toys to use, along with loose change to go buy a treat after with the hidden treasure that was found.
Freeze ice blocks in layers to freeze hidden treasures through out.

This one has 3 layers.

Use a variety of treasure-excavating tools: salt, spray bottles with water (colored water too), droppers + warm water, and toothbrushes. The mom who did this said her girls easily worked away at it for 45 minutes, till every last treasure was collected.

You can also freeze individual treasures in ice cubes for quicker treasure-hunting adventures.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

great ideas! thanks for posting! oh and you're too funny about the quilts!!heehee

Carrie said...

Fun ideas, Steph. I love the ice hunt idea, but i'm afraid here in Vegas it would all just melt before the kids even had a chance to cut and chisel. It's 110 degrees today. Ugh.