Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Puffy Sleeved Princesses take a Magical Hiatus...

Just have to add another amusing conversation. Today the little boy from two houses over reluctantly asked Ky what she wanted to play in a polite attempt to be neighborly. Like any princess in waiting Ky replied:

"I want to play Get Married,
it's the only game I like." The poor kid, turned around and headed back the way he'd come.

I hold Disney responsible and possibly my extra hour of sleep in the morning f0r Ky's preoccupation with princesses. At first I thought the princess craze was 'cute'. I naturally assumed the day would come when she'd realized there is more to life than "true love kisses", puff sleeves, and ballroom dancing. But instead, 'craze' is turning into 'crazy'. We discuss and often argue over modesty several exasperating times a day, we argue over wearing princess dresses every waking and non-waking moment, when I ask her to do something (wash her hands, chew slowly) she asks "Does princesses do this?", she even calls her dad Prince Robert, and today I was "the Queen, just the Ugly Queen, though." I've been demoted to Ugly Queen. Enough's, enough! (fabulous motherly one liner).

The time has come for the puffy sleeved princesses to take a magical hiatus. Harsh, I know. I'll miss them. I am a huge supporter of romance, "true love kisses" and big swishy dresses.

But Ky, I want you to know: This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. -Another Mom one liner, but really a stupid one. It's like telling your boyfriend "we can still be friends" after you break his heart. I think my mom is actually guilty of using this ridiculous mom line prior to spanking my bare bum when I was 8. (For anyone who's wondering, I took a small box out of a random mailbox and opened it. To my pleasant surprise they turned out to be blank checkbooks with really cute panda bears. What else was there to do but, slowly rip each one off and watch as each blank check gaily floated away in the wind.)


Carrie said...

sniff sniff. Does this mean no more cute Princess Kyanne stories?

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I love Ky's romantic nature! All I have to say is this is going to be a battle! That girl reakes of princess out of evert pore in her body!