Saturday, August 9, 2008

The prayers of a Princess

Goodnight prayers: "And, please bless that I can have a True Love Kiss on my wedding day."

Another prayer a few weeks ago went something like, "Please bless Princess Monson." (It's the thought that counts.)

In the car tonight:
Dad: "What's Fin saying?"
Ky: "She's just saying (high pitched singsong voice) Kyanne's a beautiful princess..."


Wes, Rachel and Lauren Cairns said...

At least she knows she has to wait till her wedding day to kiss :) I love the please bless Princess Monson, that is priceless!

Dustin & Erin said...

Hilarious! I was chuckling at my kitchen table as I read it... Kids crack me up.

Christy said...

I love her! She makes me laugh over and over and lets me see more what I have to look forward too with my Camille, she has the same obsessions with being a princess!