Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sewing till 2am!

What can I say, this Mama likes to party, especially if it involves my trusty little machine, some cute fabric, treats and good friends.

It was 2am when the police broke it up, so really it was a call from Jess, but I was just as worried. He said he was a little confused when he woke to the cries of a hungry baby, and there no wife to be found. Who knew sewing could make for such a late night! Here's the little booties I made for new baby Piper Williams who was born a couple of days ago.

Great tutorial for these Here.


Wes, Rachel and Lauren Cairns said...

You really do know how to party! Those booties are adorable!!!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

how did I miss this post!?? They really did turn out cute! Glad you came! Next time we'll get you home sooner!