Saturday, August 30, 2008

A picture speaks a thousand word...these ones speak right to my heart!

To our good friend Liz, I quote -"and to one it is given one talent and to another many". So, that's not the exact quote but, Liz is on the "many" side. She was already an amazing semestress, quiter, artist, mother, and now a beautiful photographer as well. This leaves the rest of us feeling humbled, and inspired, but with a lot fabulous gifts (ie. our family photos and my sling that I cannot live without). We just love you Liz! Thanks for taking these wonderful photos that capture so much love and joy in our family.

I love those dirty toes, the whole lot of them! What a fabulous shot!

"That's soooo... Romantic!" (All rights reserved)

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Dustin & Erin said...

Wow Steph (and Liz, too)! Those pictures are beautiful. I love them! They speak to my heart, as well! :)

Colette said...

ah i love them! you guys are adorable!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Thanks Steph! I appreciate the compliment! I'm totally blushing, but thankful that you liked the shots! I have more coming your way hopefully soon! you'll have to let me know what Jess thinks of them.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful...I love them!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie! I sat here for a half hour or so reading your whole blog - Carrie said that I would love to read it, see it, and I did! It's so fun seeing you all grown up, but still Stephanie - you have a beautiful family that you obviously adore, and they adore you. Someone asked me once if life got easier - I had to be honest, it doesn't get easier, it just gets, well, different...and better - not easier, but better. Here I am in Las Vegas, taking care of Carrie and Company while she's slowly adjusting to being pregnant. Is driving here on Mondays and back to Lancaster, CA on Fridays easier than waking up 2 or 3 times every night with her when she was a baby? Just different and better. Keep up the good work - all you young moms out there willing to take on the most important job in the world - nurturing little people straight from heaven. I love you Stephanie, Jeanie - Carrie's mom

Amanda @ said...

What great photos! I'm totally taken by the dirty little feet since our family totally lives shoeless all summer (I think it's genetic!)

Thanks for sharing!

Amanda @

Annemarie and Josh said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Your friend rocks the camera!