Monday, September 8, 2008

SA (Sewers Anonymous).

So secretly I just want to run away for a weekend with other SA's (sewing addicts) and have an all out binge! Wouldn't it be fun to rent a cabin, and have a sewing retreat away from the cute little distractions that never seem to have a lull in energy because they steal yours, leaving you without the needed energy to complete the many projects overtaking your living room and shouting: "For heaven's sake Woman! Sew Me!"

The sewing craze continues. Vintage material, old wooden spools of thread, patterns from the 50's and 60's, tutorials, I just can't get enough. My living room has become a full on fabric store. Oh, how I long for a fancy sewing room of my very own. I already have it all decorated in my head. Shelves of fabric organizationed in to coordinating colors, jars lining my desk filled with fancy buttons, and my old spools of thread, and my beautiful cutting table to hold my giant cuttung mat that I got for $5.00 at a garage sale this summer (Hooray for Golden Finds! It's like the Big Fish find that I'll have to retell for years!).

Above are some little aprons I made for Ky and her friend Porter. Jess was appalled when I said I was making a little boy an apron for his birthday. He and Bridge when right out and got the little 3yr old a gun to make up for the disappointment. In my defense, it had a tie, and manly colors, like blue and red.


Anonymous said...

I love the apron with a tie!! I think I might have to steal that idea for my boys. Too cute! Btw, when you find a sewing get-a-way, take me ok... please... pretty pleeeeaasssseee? lol

whitney said...

Very cute! It is such an addiction isn't it. As you can see from my blog I am totally addicted! My sewing machine is in desperate need of being serviced, but I just couldn't part with it before Finn came.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

hey Jess! Evan loves his apron that I made him.he wears it whenever i let him cook with me! boys can be domesticated too! The aprons look cute Steph!
You have been quite the sewer lately!