Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Teaching Ky to Quilt

I just love sewing, it is quickly becoming a passion. Right up there with chocolate and snuggles from my babies. So far I've only ventured out to sew things for the house, a few girly dresses, a sad looking purse and some quilts.

Out of all the things I've sewn, quilts are my favorite. They can be such a thoughtful gift and it's fun if others help. One of my sweetest memories is of being newly married and visiting Jess' family in Raymond. We got snowed in together and spent the day tying a quilt, singing along to the Beatles, and made homemade pizza. In retrospect it almost seems average, but to me it was magical.

A few weeks ago I started quilting with a good friend in the evenings and it's been so much fun, that I decided to try it with Ky. She's simply delighted to have the one on one time and quilt "like Mommy". I set a big pile of pink and purple scraps in front of her and asked her to just start cutting shapes. It was super fun and she did a good job. I'm not sure how to teach her to sew the pieces together (if anyone has any ideas). I figure the real goal here is FUN, rather than a completed quilt. (Here she is with her pile of pink material and her favorite little Fin.)


whitney said...

Get a cheaper material, like muslin or diaper flannel in a solid color and cut it into squares. Then just sew on her shapes and let the edges fray. Then you can sew all the squares together. So glad the sewing but has bitten you and I'm not the only one with the disease!

Geoff and Lindsay Hadley said...

What can't you do Steph? You are amazing. Your blog is so fun to read... your talent almost makes me sick but your darling family makes it worth check your updates regularly.

Sarah said...

I know I am really late to post, but I just found your blog. I have a four year old cousin and she now sews and embroiders. I showed her how to pin two pieces of fabric together by pinching the fabric and then putting a pin through. Then to have her hand sew I draw a line on the fabric with a washable pen and then make dots every 1/4 inch or so. She goes up one dot and through the next. Then we start on the next side/piece. It is nice because I can get work done, she feels so proud of herself, and she has great things to give to her mom. I love seeing little kids get involved in sewing!