Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sewing: a Family Affair.

Here it is. My finished nursing cover complete with a big fat button proclaiming my allegiance to the 'Pretty not Practical' regime. I made a cover for a good friend of mine, and loved it, so I made a another for me. (tutorial here)

Above are some pictures of my helpers. Sewing has been a family affair the last two weeks. Jess helps piece a quilt, Bridgey turns my machine off and on after every few stitches (it's not nearly so helpful as cute) and here's Fin and I sewing together due to my desperate attempts to finish my beloved apron.


meaghan.p said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, and I love when I can time it so both kids sleep, so I can really enjoy reading it!! Are you going to be at the sikome beach party?'cause then I can grab the sling from you! I love all the princess stories, so cute!! OH... and your apron is genius

whitney said...

Yeah for sewing! I really wish you would have just asked to borrow my pattern for the apron, but it looks good how you did it!
Aren't nursing covers sooo easy to make. Makes me laugh at how much they charge for them in the fancy smancy baby boutiques!

Carrie said...

Wow, you must be like the nicest sewing mommy ever. When I'm at a project I sound more like, "don't touch that... your hands are dirty... oh oh, no not the scissors... back up.... go watch cartoons!!!!"

Jane said...

I discovered your blog today while searching for pictures of Giselle gowns. Reading through some of your posts reminds me of the kind of mom I'd like to be, and occasionally succeed in being.

I love your apron! I usually only wear a tiara for my housecleaning, but a pretty princess apron would sure complete the picture. I think I'll have to make one, too.

Wes, Rachel and Lauren Cairns said...

Cute nursing cover, you are really on a sewing kick aren't you!!!! I love the button, it adds so much personality. It is awesome that your hubby helps you with your quilts and the kids get to help too! Thanks for including the tutorial for the cover I can't wait to try one.