Saturday, August 2, 2008

Patiently Painting the Golden Gate Bridge

Tonight I decided to lounge on the couch instead of finish tidying up the house. I picked up Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, a fabulous book worth way more than the .50 cents I paid for it at a garage sale this morning.
(Tangent: Garage Sale-ing /(verb)/: the 2nd most beloved season of the year.
  • 20 Bucks -(compliments of my sweetheart)
  • Timmy Bits
  • the kiddies
  • a clean van to load up new treasures
  • and my best GS buddy Keshia
No better way to spend a Saturday morning in the Spring).
Okay back to the book. It has a great chapter on comparing tending house to the continuous painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. By the time the painters reach the end it's time to start again at the beginning. I suppose their goal is not project completion but, instead to have a beautiful, well maintained bridge all year long.

Tonight I realized my domestic goals are unrealistic and the root of my frustration and charming outbursts. From time to time (as in just about every night), poor Jess (and Meg on occassion), have to listen to me have some sort of melt down about the messy pantry, untamed grass, or the laundry Blob that haunts me by day and by night.

While the truth is, at this time in our lives, Jess works more than usual I have 3 little darlings to run after, a vivacious quilting addiction to feed, not to mention my demanding Saturday mornings garage sale hopping! There's just not enough time to expect to keep house "just like mother did", so I've decided to be happy with Livable chaos instead. -"And, that's how we roll..."

Here's to more realistic expectations,
a guilt free messy house, and becoming happier in my role as Domestic Goddess.


Tanya said...

Hey! I just went garage-saleing this morning too! I didn't want to before we moved so as not to accumulate, but now I am free to load up! Thanks for the insights from DSTSS - sounds encouraging:)

Carrie said...

YOu have such a thought provoking way of putting things, Steph. I agree, there's the guilt, but then there's also the fact that mess just drives me CRAZY!! How does one get over that, oh Domestic Goddess?

Christy said...

TOTALLY Agree!!!

MARTHA said...

The Serenity Prayer Steph, you know it "...accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." That's easier said than done. Been there done that. Just your writing is an indicator that you've got it figured out. Love your blog. Always happy to stop by and sneak a peak at your living. Happy for you, TRULY.

whitney said...

I totally agree. And it is sad to say that I embraced that philosophy years ago! Seriously, cleaning is always last on my list. It will always be there waiting for you, but other things will pass you by. Especially when the weather is nice out! Or when a new baby is coming in 4 weeks and you don't have all your projects completed. I am really panicked right now! I need more time!

The Shurtz Fam said...

Hi Stephanie! I don't know if you remember who I am, but I have decided that it is time that I came out and let you know that I have been reading your blog for the last 6 months (at least) now. I love it! I just thought it was high time I admitted it.