Sunday, July 12, 2009

Living nextdoor to the "Crazies"!

Today I heard a car come zooming down my cul-de-sac (nothing makes my heart race quite like a zooming car and kids near by). And, so the mother in me (as in: my mother in me) jumps up mid-conversation with my friends and runs out the open door to the middle of the road where I stand with my hand out like a crossing guard in front of this moving car and proceed to give them my infamous 'Slow down, Kids at Play' lecture, and they pretend to be mildly interested and polite. When I turned to go back in the house I saw my neighbors watching this neurotic scene from their front porch.


These particular neighbors are young, single, and I think they were friends with the guys I pulled over. In any case if there was any doubt about whether they lived next to The Crazies there is no longer. And, here I am (to the right) in a couple more years, you don't think Ky will mind?


Ky: "Witches shouldn't grab kids, but they just don't have Mommy's to teach them not to, huh?
(That's right Honey, witches just don't know better. She's so sweet. Tolerant of even witches, the Democrats would just love her.)

Ky: "Mom, why do you always stop children in the street and tell them what to do?" Because I am Nana's daughter! But, also because their mommy's should be doing it, okay I know your not suppose to parent other people kids but I'm such a crazy when it comes to busy roads and wandering children. My poor kids have been so tramatized by me they start screaming when they see a car coming towards them, not what I was going for, but better than not being cautious enough, right? How's my rationalizing? Really it's just my mom in me. It's the same reason I tell boys to 'quit looking at my sister that way!' when I take Keshia places. It's what my mom would do, and if I don't protect her, who will? It's not like she's 24, and married with 2 kids. :)


Amber said...

I love it when you share these stories. It makes me feel normal. :)

Glad to have you back to blogging!

Keeping Up With The Joneses said...

So growing up we had this super mean cross guard. Although unappreciated at the time I realize she was the best because anytime a car came too fast or turned before we had all completely finished crossing; she would proceed to use her hand held stop sign to bash in the hood of their car! Good luck calling the cops to complain about that one, "officer the crossing gurad dented my car while I was speeding through an occupied cross walk!" I'm going to get you a hand held stop sign...or some rocks!